Love Me Forever

Love Me Forever

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Author: Desiree Dupont
Publisher: Wishwa Prakashan
Year: 1996
Language: English
Pages: 143
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173280657


This intense story is based on author's belief that Life is serious and we should take it seriously. However, taking everything seriously can lead to tragedy.

The world today consists of several centuries, in terms of attitudes, values and systems, all attempting to live together at the same time. In order that interaction does not lead to conflict, one must observe rather than interfere, understand rather than judge, love rather than hate, look at the individual rather than at the whole. Although travel has become easier, crossing these Time barriers is not always easy. Attachment or love can make these journeys a joyous as well as a painful experience, as this story illustrates.

It is love at first sight. He is Indian. She is French. Brought together by Destiny, separated by Fate. Was there love but a dream? He had said We'll be born again and again. But on different sides of the same lane. We'll try to cross the lane again and again. Only to be knocked down by time again and again.