The Goal and the Way - The Vedantic Approach to Life's Problems

The Goal and the Way - The Vedantic Approach to Life's Problems

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Author: Swami Satprakashanda
Publisher: Ramakrishna Math
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 302
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171203442


This work presents a complete study of the Vedantic view of man, from the components of his threefold body and the states of the mind to his inmost spiritual self.

The process of his birth, death, and rebirth is also discussed in detail. The views of the modern biology, psychology, and philosophy are used to support and contrast the position of the Vedic scriptures.

Broadly speaking, human beings have viewed life from two extreme positions: from the stand point of the physical body and from the standpoint of the spiritual self. It is the inborn tendency of man to take the first. No philosopher in needed to each him this. To take the second requires culture.

The basic need of the world for the effective solution of its problems is a change of outlook on life. Man's sensuous outlook has to be transformed into the spiritual by progressive training., The whole process is the key to his material as well as spiritual greatness.