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Rajasthani Kitchen

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Author: Pushpita Singh
Publisher: Roli Books
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 96
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174361251


A gourmet collection of all-color handbook, offering mouth-watering delicacies. The step by step instructions make the recipes easy to follow even for a novice.

Rajasthan is rich in courtesies, its hospitality as well known as its codes of honor and chivalry. In a desert, where little is available, the choice of foodstuffs is always somewhat limited. This is what singles out the cuisine of India's desert state - the magic of creating a variety of tastes from very little.

Daal-bati-choorma is a specialty of this region. The daal consists of a lentil curry, bati is a round ball of bread baked in a charcoal fire with clarified butter concealed within; choorma is a sweet dish made with bread, bruised with jaggery or sugar and clarified butter. A Rajasthani delicacy, linked with the monsoon festival of Teej, is called ghevar, consisting of round cakes of while flour over which sweetened syrup is poured. Muslim goods such as Kebabs, pasandas and sevaiyan also occupy a place of pride in the overall cuisine of the state.

Most ingredients mentioned in the book are now easily available in shops not only in India, but also in major metros elsewhere, in their specialty Indian stores. If not, close equivalents may be substituted, as suggested in the recipes. Many of the recipes here are familiar to every Rajasthani household, but there are some that are less known like the game recipes, now dying out, since shikar is forbidden. The author has adapted some of these to lamb and chicken with successful results.

Rajasthani cuisine is not difficult to cook. Crisp, tangy, nutritious, delicious, spicy and wholesome - take 100 gm of adventurous spirit, deep fry in 10 tbsp of enthusiasm, season with a pinch of experimentation and create your own Rajasthani gourmet delight.