Khushwant Singh Selects Best Indian Short Stories

Khushwant Singh Selects Best Indian Short Stories

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Author: Eminent Contributors
Publisher: Books Today
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 218
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187478179


In this anthology you will read stories by many writers well-known in their regional languages as well as those who made names for themselves in English literary circles. Between them they represent every part of the country from north to the deep south, from its eastern borders along Bangladesh to its western frontier with Pakistan. Almost every regional language is represented.

Is there something special about the Indian short story? Yes, there is. It sticks to the traditional rules of the craft. It is in fact short and not a novella or an abridged novel. It revolves round one or at the most two or three characters and does not have a long dramatic personae as in novels. It is limited in time and space and does not span decades or spread out in different locales. It also has a well-formulated central theme and does not touch upon several topics or clashes of personalities. It has a distinct beginning, a build-up and usually a dramatic end, frequently an unexpected one which sums up the story.



An Indian Dream

Why Does the child Dry?

Ramblings on a Beach

Intermittent Fever

The Birdman

The Leopard

The Tiger in the Tunnel

Those Thirty Minutes

The Brinjal Cut-Out

Flight 303


A Home Near the Sea

The Crocodile's Lady

Descent from the Rooftop

The Dark

One More Dead Body


A Flavour of Myrrh

The Blue Hills Where the Sun Never Sets

Mataji and the Hippies

Memories of an Indian Childhood

A Candle for St. jude

My Aunt Gracie


A Tale of the Hijras

The Birth of a Poem