Meditation: The Ultimate Adventure (Set of 2 books)

Meditation: The Ultimate Adventure (Set of 2 books)

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Author: Osho
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 1997
Language: English
Pages: 196
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


The two books in this set (1) Meditation: The Ultimate Adventure and (2) Love & Meditation are the transcribed version of the lectures given by Osho. These books or the 'Upanishads' as the author himself brands them, are in the question-answer form.

Questioned by his disciples on the various physical, physiological and para-psychological aspects of human life vis-a-vis nature, he master seer explains tem in a most lucid yet somewhat laconic manner, punctuating his observations with very cogent and itty anecdotes. Delving deep into the phenomenon of the astral and physical world, the author takes the reader beyond the purview of the mind, and questions the very purpose of human existence and its utility in the universe.

Explaining the most abstract meta-physical conceptions by his erudite scholarship Osho admirably succeeds in shedding off the slough of obscurantist leaning to bring out the pristine reality.

What makes this set eminently readable is the way of their presentation. The well-syntaxed small sentences leaves no scope for any ambiguity whatever. Osho is the most modern thinker of our times whose arguments rest on the solid scientific reasoning.

An eminently readable set


Osho is unquestionably one of the greatest performers of our time - whose true impact, I believe, will e discovered decades later, when the history of this era will be written. Pritish Nandy: The Illustrated Weekly of India

In our world there are so many philosophers who hold on to different philosophies in their hands. And those hands or centuries have been striking each other and the philosophies negating each other's logic. And I have seen than it is only Osho, who, detached from all these philosophies, has been propounding that inner experience which is one, whatever and wherever it might be, it is one. And that is the greatest flowering of human consciousness. Amrita Pritam, Poetess, novelist, and thinker.

Osho has not only justified his command over worldly matters, but proved that he is the intellectual giant of the 20th century. - The Daily Bombay

Osho is really a free-thinking agnostic. He is profoundly erudite and can explain the most abstract conceptions in simple language illustrated with witty anecdotes. He mocks gods, prophets, scriptures and religious practices and gives a totally new dimension to religion. - Khushwant Singh, The Indian Express ,