A Song Without Words  ( Set of 2 books)

A Song Without Words ( Set of 2 books)

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Author: Osho
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 300
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


This work is a totally contemporary document. Here Osho, the author of over six hundred columes, seeks again to express the inexpressible.

A SONG WITHUT WORDS is a collection of seven discourses from the original book 'The Rajneesh Upnishad'and is a unique record, a depiction of the evolution of the master-disciple relationship. It reflects all that must have transpired between Buddha, Mahavira, Laotzu, Jesus and their disciples. But those precious, intimate moments have gone largely unrecorded, and what survives of the flowering no longer has the same beauty and vibrancy as when it was in full bloom.

RISING IN LOVE . . is a collection of six discourses from the original book 'Beyond Enlightenment'. Osho points out that unless a love affair is very conscious, it is going to create great anguish, great trouble. All lovers are in trouble. The trouble is not personal; it is in the very nature of things. They would not have been attracted to each other..they call it falling in love. They cannot give any reason why they have such a tremendous pull towards each other.They are not even conscious of the underlying causes; hence a strange thing hqappens: the happiest lovers are those who never meet.

Once they meet, the same opposition that created the attraction becomes a conflict. Although they speak the same language, they cannot understand each other.

If both partners are conscious of the fact that it is a meeting of opposites, that there is no need to make it a conflict, then it is a great opportunity to understand the totally opposite point of view. The feminine approach and the masculine approach are so opposed to each other that unless a conscious effort is made, unless it becomes your meditation, there is no hope of having a peaceful life.

How to make love and meditation so involved in each other that each affair automatically becomes a partnership in meditation - and each meditation makes you so conscious that you need not fall in love, you can rise in love, is the central theme of these discourses.


A SONG WITHOUT WORDS The Mystery School: An Encounter with the Miraculous The Master: Making Your Life an Orchestra Master and Disciple: A Journey Hand in Hand Misery is the Prison: Nothingness is the Door Madness: The Ultimate Evolution of Mind Mind Thinks: Meditation Knows Silence is a Song Without Words RISING IN LOVE The Only Holy Approach Don't be a Missionary Be A Message Master and Disciple: A Mystery Beyond Explaining Rising in Love A Partnership in Meditation The Point of No Return Meditation: The Courage to be Silent and Alone