Tantric Yoga - The Royal Path to Raising Kundalini Power

Tantric Yoga - The Royal Path to Raising Kundalini Power

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Author: Gavin And Yvonne Frost
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 306
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120811534


Presents this ancient Eastern discipline in clear, concise and objective detail, and the material has been adapted for Western lifestyles and modern use.

Tantric Yoga is considered to be the highest and most rapid path to enlightenment. Tantric Yoga teaches control of the body and its functions so that the tantrist may reach e ultimate spiritual experience. Students will learn to re-evaluate relationships, for these, too, are part of the path to enlightenment. The tantric path teaches commitment to others and demands equality between man and women.

Special to this book are rituals and meditations for ascending and descending he chakras. The authors particularly devote themselves to discussing how to work with activating the Kundalini energy safely. Starting at the root Chakra, the authors present exercises for activating the energy of each chakra, working upward in an orderly fashion. The cycle s completed by working back down, chakra by chakra. This crates a psychic loop that empowers you to overcome emotions, gain new knowledge and bring wisdom back into consciousness.


In the late 1950's Gavin and Yvonne independently researched Eastern religions, avidly reading all available material. Between 1960 and 1976 Gavin made some fifteen trips to India and Pakistan searching for the remnant teachings of Tantra. In Thailand he found the teaching of John Blofeld. From that start Gavin was able to meet practitioners of a true path in Bengal. After several years of work and experiment, Gavin and Yvonne produced a reconstructed Western Tantra philosophy and life path they believe preserves the essence of the ancient teachings.