Quick & Easy Way to Learn Manners & Etiquette

Quick & Easy Way to Learn Manners & Etiquette

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Author: Nita Mehta
Publisher: SNAB
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 103
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186004815


This book guides you in gaining confidence in yourself and enhancing your personal worth to truly give others, the pleasure of your company.

The Oxford Dictionary describes Etiquette as the conventional rules of social behavior - the proper way to behave when in the company of others. The basis of good manners is concern for other people. Manners serve no purpose if they are not directed towards respecting the feelings of those around us.

In today's complex and fast paced society, it is impossible to do everything yourself. To achieve results, e have to depend and cooperate with others - colleagues, friends, subordinates, employer etc. Nothing can be done without inter-personal relationships. To build these fruitful relationships, it is important that we know the proper way to conduct ourselves.

Chapter in this book pertain to social interaction, telephone conversation, office etiquette, restaurant and party etiquette, courtesies towards in-laws, inculcating good manners in your child and internet etiquette.

Choice f clothes reflects etiquette or lack of it. A few chapters such as the well dressed man, the well dressed woman and personal care for men and women have also been added.