Dictionary of Palmistry

Dictionary of Palmistry

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Author: J S Bright
Publisher: Jaico
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 238
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172242247


This book is designed to meet the requirements of a beginner as well as an expert in the field of palmistry.

You carry your destiny in the palm of your hand. For the various panorama of human personality are on your little palm. It, like a mirror, reflects the man and his mind from the womb to the tomb. The lines do slightly change to correspond with alterations in character. Of your virtues and vices the palms are the true index, and Palmistry can unfold the dramatic story of career and character.

Here is the book that answers a long-felt need - a Dictionary of Palmistry, the first of its kind in India and the world. Nobody down the sweep of centuries, since Palmistry was founded, formulated and actualized, has ever attempted to reduce this branch of knowledge to a readable dictionary form.

With the text augmented by easy to follow diagrams the entire presentation in this book becomes a very interesting essay on the unknown.The author presents all the fundamentals of palmistry in the form of a dictionary By just looking up an item like 'The line of the heart' or ' marriage' one can readily know the traits of one's character, one's future, from the signs in one's palm. It should be a good book of reference.

This is not a book but the book on Palmistry. In arming yourself with this science, you arm yourself with a great power, and you will have a thread that will guide you into the labyrinth of the most impenetrable hearts.