The Secret of Self-Transformation - A Synthesis of Tantra & Yoga

The Secret of Self-Transformation - A Synthesis of Tantra & Yoga

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Author: Rohit Mehta
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 174
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120804023


The central theme of discussion in this monograph revolves round the problem of man's self-transformation in the midst of an artificial and soulless civilization.

According to the author, the solution to the problem lies in a synthesis between 'the two principal traditions of India' - Yoga and Tantra which he defines as philosophy and practice. In his view only on a successful synthesis between the two depends the full flowering of the individual, and only a ' transformed individual can become a nucleus for fundamental social change'.

This book is at once an indictment of all forts of monstrosities that go under the banner of modern science and a call for revolutionary change within man himself. The call also goes out for restructuring the world in such a way that man does not become a creature of technology gut rises up as a master of his true self.

The discussion takes place within a compass of twenty chapters. The richness of ideas, presented in a lucid and convincing style, attracts readers of all shades.


The subject matter of this book is central to the modern crisis because the author, an old hand an excellent thinker, writer and orator, has tried to show that the modern crisis calls for Eastern Psychology as a complementary science. - The Hindustan Times

Drawing upon his wide knowledge of developments in modern science and yoga-psychology, the author analyses the causes of the malady of the present-day world and points out that the solution to the problem is to be sought in the individual. - The Vedant Kesari

The present book attempts at a synthesis of Tantra and Yoga. Of the eight steps of the Yoga discipline advocated by Patanjali, the first four refer to Tantra and the last three refer to Yoga; Prayahara is the point Tantra ends and Yoga begins; it indicates the withdrawal, transcending the realm of images, through the image itself. - The Adyar Library Bulletin