Verses From The Holy Qur'an and The Facts of Science

Verses From The Holy Qur'an and The Facts of Science

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Author: Haluk Murbaki
: Metin Beynam
Publisher: Kitab Bhavan
Year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: 392
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171512585


In this widely acclaimed book, fifty verses from the Holy Qur'an have been selected for comparison with the latest discoveries of Modern Science.

The Glorious Qur'an, the Holy Book of Islam, is unlike any other sacred scripture in the world. I t is the Constitution of the Universe. As such, any attempt to discover scientific truth will approximate the Qur'an more closely and more accurately the more profound it becomes. Each age and each stage of scientific truth highlights a different interpretation of the Qur'an from among the ensemble of all possible interpretations.

With ease and alacrity, Dr Nurbaki demonstrates how each verse sheds light on not merely one but several aspects of modern science. This book is a resounding refutation of claims to the effect that science and religion are in irreconcilable antagonism.

It is a book to read, to treasure, and to return to again and again.