Ramayana and Modernity

Ramayana and Modernity

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Author: D M Sinha
Publisher: Sterling
Year: 1997
Language: English
Pages: 208
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120719972


The Ramayana points the way for attaining the ultimate aim of human life - complete freedom, peace and bliss - while Living in this world.

The Ramayana is termed as one of the two Itihas-Granthas' (Historic Epics) in Sanskrit literature, the other being The Mahabharata. An Itihas Grantha is not merely a historical narration of events. It contains the condensed wisdom of Vedic knowledge which guides an individual in attaining the ultimate aim of human life - complete freedom, peace and bliss- while living in this world.

Lord Rama exemplifies the attitudes and perspectives for attaining this ideal by boldly facing the diverse vicissitudes of life. In success and in adversity, with friends and with foes, in pace and in war - His countenance shines with the benevolent effulgence of divinity. To His devotees, He points the way to achieve and manifest the divinity which is inherent in each human soul.



Sati's Question

Incarnation and Its Causes

The Manifestation of the Lord as Rama

The Story of Ahalya

The Story of Sita

Visit to Mithila

The Two Wishes of Kaikeyi

Lord Rama's Departure from Ayodhya

Rama's Journey to His Exile


The Passing away of King Dasharath

Bharata's Journey to Chitrakoot

The Deliberations at Chitrakoot

The Lord's Sojourn in Dandakaranya

The Abduction of Sita

The Search for Sita

The Story of Sugreeva

The Story of Hanuman

Ocean Crossing by Hanuman

Hanuman Meets Ravana

Vibhishana meets Lord Rama

Angad meets Ravana

The Attack on Lanka and the End of Khumbhakarna

The Fall of Meghanada

The Final Attack and the Fall of Ravana

The Fire Ordeal of Sita

The Return of Rama to Ayodhya

Rama's Teachings

The Mystery of Creation

The Soul's Passage through Several Births

The Concluding Scene

Glossary of Spiritual Terms