A Guide to Homeopathic Remedies

A Guide to Homeopathic Remedies

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Author: Paul Houghton
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 240
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0285635573


Designed to tell readers all they need to know in order to help themselves with homeopathy and a source of advice you turn to first.

This book is your complete guide to making the most of homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic remedies are among the safest medicines you can take - gentle, effective and completely natural. But to get the best from them you need to know how to use them: not merely what remedy is good for a particular condition, but when it should be taken and how often, who should take and at what stage another remedy would become more effective.

This practical and amazingly comprehensive book, written by a practicing homeopath explains all about the what, when and who of homeopathy. It includes:

Advice on taking the remedies, with instruction for treating adults, children and pets

An explanation of the different constitutional types of people, with key questions to help you identify your own type and so select the best remedy for you

An A-Z of 200 conditions with suggested remedies and dosages, cross-referenced for easy use

An alphabetical listing of 120 remedies, including detailed profiles of the major ones, and advice on usage

Information on how homeopathy works, how it was developed and how the remedies are prepared

Full resources to help you find homeopaths, pharmacies, professional organizations and courses in the UK, USA and Australia


Note to Readers

How Homeopathic remedies are prepared
How does homoeopathy work?
Constitutional treatment
Constitutional remedy finder
Directions for using homooepathic remedies
Regimes: how often to take the remedies

Conditions A-Z
Remedies A-Z
Homoepathic Resources