Kundalini - Serpent of Fire : A Modern View

Kundalini - Serpent of Fire : A Modern View

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Author: Darrel Irving
Publisher: Jaico
Year: 1995
Language: English
Pages: 226
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172247583


A ground-breaking book about Kundalini and its relationship to psychological vitalityand spiritual transformation.

This book is about Kundalini, one of the most splendid and mysterious of known phenomena. Those who have experienced it describe it as a light flaring up in the darkness, a supernatural power, magical and beguiling, sometimes fierce and terrible, yet marvelous, and always awesome in its manifestation.

Kundalini is more than a spiritual concep0t, a religious illusion, or a New Age fantasy. Kundalini is real. It is a subtle energy at the base of the spine and when unleashed becomes a powerful force leading to altered and higher states of consciousness. Kundalini is a curative process if approached with knowledge and understanding, for Kundalini is healing.

This book shatters myths and corrects common misinformation about Kundalini and how it works. In these pages, Irvine makes a provocative case for a strong connection between madness and Kundalini process gone awry.

Serpent of Fire makes it abundantly clear that the experience of Kundalini is not just a special dispensation granted by fate or destiny to a select, privileged group. Nor is it the preserve of a few gurus or self-appointed holy men. Kundalini is the birthright of everyone, and Kundalini-activated individuals are the hope and promise of the new millennium.