Learn to Play on Sitar

Learn to Play on Sitar

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Author: Ram Avtar Vir
Publisher: Pankaj Publications
Year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: 64
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187155140


A handy reference to master the art of playing Sitar for the amateur, the professional and the decorative.

An extremely popular Indian String Instrument with a Pumpkin Gourd at one end, 19-20 frets, 7 main strings and 11 sympathetic strings, 127 cms, this marvelous instrument, when played properly, has the quality of a Spanish guitar in the hands of a master.


Brief Outlines of Indian Music Theory

Time and Rhythm

Music Notation Systems

Sitar and its Sitting Position

Handling of Sitar

Styles of Playing Sitar

Position of Bols

Parts of Sitar

Tuning of Sitar

Right hand and Left hand Exercises

Position of Frets

Maintenance of Sitar

Staff Clefs

Natural Scale Exercises

Gat Rag Bilaval and Bhoopali

Sharp Note Exercises

Gat Rag Yaman

Half tone Note Exercises

Gat Rag Kafee and Asawari

Maseet Khani and Raza Khani Gats of
- Rag Bhimpalasi - Rag Bhairava - Rag Ahilya Bilaval Rag Mal Kauns - Rag Bhairavi & Rag Asawari

Definiation of Todas & Jhala

Gat Raga Khamaj with Todas & Jhala

Maseet Khani Gat of Raga Bheemplasi with Todas

Gat Raga Bihag with Todas & Jhala

Gat Raga Des with Todas & Jhala