Viveka-Cudamani  of Sri Sankaracarya

Viveka-Cudamani of Sri Sankaracarya

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Author: Swami Turiyananda
Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math
Year: 2014
Language: Bi-Lingual
Pages: 271
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171204058


This edition of the Vivekacudamani gives a glimpse into how Swami Turiyananda transmitted the spiritual tradition of India to the American devotees at Shanti Ashrama at the turn of the century.

Shri Shankaracharya established the profound validity of the holistic perspective of Advaita by his brilliant commentaries on the Prasthana Traya - the Upanishads, the Brahma Sutras and the Gita. But since these are scholarly and technical and a little hard for the ordinary aspirant to digest, he gave us, in his infinite compassion, a series of Prakasana Granthas or treatises wherein the Truth is presented in a very lucid form without, however, any dilution.

In this genre the pride of place goes to Vivekachudamani, the Crest Jewel of Discrimination. In 580 mellifluous verses that are a joy to chant, the Acharya narrates a sustained dialogue between a Guru and a Shishya on the human predicament, the nature of Ultimate Reality and the mans of attaining freedom from the trammels of Samsara.

There are a few good English translations of this classic available, but the uniqueness of the volume presented here is that it echoes the personal experiences of that rara avis, a Jivanmukta.

Swami Turiyananda's translation of the Vivekacudamani is freestyle, but follows in paragraph-form Shankara's verse -by- verse format.