The Joy of Mathematics

The Joy of Mathematics

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Author: Sumita Bose
Publisher: Unicorn Books/Pustak Mahal
Year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 167
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788178062327


Many people consider mathematics to be difficult, dry and boring. But to be honest, it is not really so. The trick lies in making it lively. The author has presented the so-called 'dry contents' in a fun and enjoyable manner to make mathematics one of the easiest and attention-absorbing subjects.

Salient Features:
•Thought provoking puzzles
•Interesting mathematical magic, games and activities
•Amazing mathematical facts and patterns
•Tricks and shortcuts for quicker mathematics
•Hilarious mathematical jokes
•Optical illusions
•Attractive picture illustrations
•Solved examples with every concept
•Practice exercises with answers
•Use of mathematics in everyday life
This book is intended to infuse interest and motivation in readers to cultivate interest in mathematics which in the long run would become the foundation for embarking on higher scientific studies.


1. Mathematics
a) Telling the age
b) Thought reader
c) Left or right
d) Magic number
e) Addition wizard
f) Calendar magic
g) Number sequence
h) Duplicate numbers
i) Fibonacci trick
j) Addition with closed eyes
k) Magic product
l) Two digit numbers
m) Brothers, sisters and friends
n) Card magic

2. Mathematical games
a) Number tic tac toe
b) Quilt design
c) Pentafun
d) Nim
e) Alquerque
f) Pong hau k’i
g) Nine men morris
h) Captain’s mistress
i) Battleship
j) Sprouts

3. Mathematical activities
a) Permutation
b) Paper folding
c) Geometric designs
d) Regular polyhedra
e) Möbius strip
f) Pythagoras theorem
g) Geoboard
h) Tessellation
i) String art
j) Birth day
k) Napier bones
l) Golden rectangle

4. Trick and quick
a) Squaring a two digit number beginning with 5
b) Squaring any two digit number
c) Squaring a number near 100
d) The 7-11-13 trick
e) Calculation race
f) Mnemonic
g) Multiplying two digit numbers by 11
h) Multiplying big numbers by 11
i) Some multiplication rules
j) Time constant
k) Easy division by 5
l) Easy division by 9
m) Perfect number
n) Checking four operations
o) Quick division by 9
p) Vedic mathematics

5. Puzzles
a) Compass direction
b) Proof of 1 = 2 using algebra
c) Proof of p = 3 using algebra
d) Alphamagic square
e) T puzzle
f) Doctor’s medicine
g) Same result
h) Coloured wrist bands
i) Cut the cake
j) Number puzzle
k) Oldest number puzzle
l) Roman numbers
m) Friar’s puzzle
n) Car speed
o) Morse code
p) Walking time
q) Number fence
r) Grandmother’s gift
s) Burning rope
t) Age
u) Tangram

6. Fascinating patterns
a) Number patterns
b) Odd numbers and squares
c) Calculator addition patterns
d) Pascal’s triangle

7. Amazing facts
a) Circles around a circle
b) Factors of 1,274,953,680
c) Amazing prime numbers
d) Facts about the number seven
e) Strange multiplication
f) Sum of cubes
g) Division friends
h) Reversed square
i) Multiplication by 9
j) Strange fraction
k) Big number
l) Mysterious 24
m) Return to the original number
n) The “illions” of mathematics
o) Numerical palindrome
p) Repeated numbers
q) History of numbers

8. Optical illusion
a) Rotating wheel
b) Zigzag wall
c) Poggendorf illusion
d) Penrose stairs
e) Ehrenstein illusion

9. Mathematics in everyday life
a) Nature
b) Architecture
c) Music and dance
d) Art
e) Sports
f) Textile
g) Decoration
h) Cooking
i) Weather prediction
j) Commercial purpose

10. Mathematical jokes
11. Secret of success in Mathematics
12. Answers