The Philosophy of Lokayata   -   A Review and Reconstruction

The Philosophy of Lokayata - A Review and Reconstruction

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Author: Bijayananda Kar
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
Year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 136
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788120836921


It is a detailed study of the Carvaka/ Lokayata darsana in which certain established notions about its philosophy have been contested and a reconstruction is proposed, least affecting its original stand. In the light of the fresh reading, a critical appraisal is also proposed in the work.

The Carvaka/Lokayata darsana is found to have a notable place in the clasical Indian philosophical tradition. Its referenceis found in the earliest sources like the Veds/Upanishads, the Buddhist suttas, the jaina tretises, the Ramayana and the Mahabharat, inclusive of some puranic and sastric works.

It is needless to point out that the philosophy of Carvaka has been dealt with a cursory treatment in traditional Indian philosophical literature. Even in modern writings, there are not much philosophical probing to bring to focus the logical foundation of the Carvaka point of view.

Paucity of original source-material is, of course, an impediment for such investigetion. But, nevertheless, attempts have been 'made by few researchers to present a viable account of the Carvaka stand, scannig out the unsound filthy observations, especially made by the opponents.


Carvaka and Knowledge
Carvaka and Materialism
Carvaka and Atheism
Carvaka and Morality
Carvaka and Self
Carvaka and Socio-Individual Relationship
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