Economy and politics In Uncertain Times

Economy and politics In Uncertain Times

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Author: Neelakant Patri
Publisher: Southern Economist
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 453
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788191024760


This book is a collection of selected editorials written by Neelakant Patri during that period mid-2006 to April, 2012 for the “Southern Economist,’ a period that witnessed some far-reaching developments in India’s Economic and political history and how the global Shake down following the collapse of the issues of financial markets in 2008. The editorials and questions that needed to be answered by policy-makers.

This is the third time “Southern Economist’ is bringing out a collection of its editorials, hopping that readers would look back on what happened during the tumultuous period that saw a coalition government, led by the Congress party that needed vital support from partners who had and have different perceptions and prescriptions trying to push through its economic reform agenda and the inevitable roadblocks it faced.


1. India and China
2. India Engages Africa
3. India’s Growth Pangs
4. Indo-US-Relations
5. On Energy
6. On Governance
7. On Inflation
8. Politics of Food
9. Power Politics
10. The Saga of Recession
11. Thorns in UPA Reform Path