Basics of Hinduism  - For the Young Generation

Basics of Hinduism - For the Young Generation

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Author: Dr.Shivendra Kumar Sinha
Publisher: Unicorn Books/Pustak Mahal
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 190
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788178061559


This book provides wide-ranging information on Hindu religion, in a simplified and easy-to-read form.

It explains the concepts and beliefs interwoven in the texture of Hinduism, such as Dharma (Duty), Karma (Action), and Moksha (Salvation) as well as aspects of Universal soul, One God and use of symbolism in Hinduism.

It also deals with the various aspects of rituals and worship, Sanskaras (Sacraments) and the scriptures, including Hindu philosophy in a concise and simplified form to make it easily understandable.

Readers may find the history of Hinduism, its reforms and the present status as a global religion an interesting topic to read. It will be of great appeal to young educated Hindus and even non-Hindus living in India and abroad who will find this book an easy and interesting read and yet comprehensive.


1. Origin and General Features of Hinduism
2. Concepts and Beliefs of Hinduism
3. The Hindu Deities
4. Hindu Traditions and Sects
5. Worship and Rituals
6. Scriptures
7. History of Hinduism