Reiki Meditations For Beginners    (Book +  Audio CD)

Reiki Meditations For Beginners (Book + Audio CD)

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Author: Lawrence Ellyard
Foreword/Introduction: David Vennells
Publisher: Full Circle
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 166
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-216-1333-7


Reiki Meditations for Beginners is a complete guide to the practice of meditation and shows how these two practices are in fact an integral experience for anyone wishing to cultivate inner peace and happiness in daily life.

Reiki Meditations for Beginners offers for the first time a practical guide to the practice of Meditation and Reiki. It provides the reader with the practical 'know how' and teaches the basics of meditation practice combined with an introduction to Reiki.

The book is divided into three sections which include: An introduction to Reiki, an introduction to Meditation practice and section three includes a total of 25 Reiki Meditations. The book also features a guided Meditation CD narrated by the author who presents 'real time' Japanese Reiki Meditations.

Reiki Meditations for Beginners is a complete guide to the practice of meditation and shows how these two practices are in fact an integral experience for anyone wishing to cultivate inner peace and happiness in daily life. Far from being abstract ideas, the methods presented in this book, makes meditation readily accessible for the reader, whether they are a complete novice or seasoned practitioner


“Really covers something new and valuable. A must-read for every serious Reiki Practitioner!”
= Walter Lubeck, co-author of the Spirit of Reiki

This is a good practical book informing the beginner what to consider and how to start meditation. Lawrence gives detailed descriptions about the various aspects of meditation and Reiki practices. Furthermore the reader receive enhanced knowledge on practical points and inspiration for their daily meditation.
= Tanmaya Honervogt, author of Inner Reiki

Lawrence Ellyard’s Reiki Meditations For Beginners offers an appealing variety of meditations, drawn from traditional Japanese Reiki, Buddhism, Yoga, creative visualization, and his own inner wisdom, to help readers claim greater peace and healing in their lives. This is a gentle, compassionate work!
= Amy Z. Rowland

Combining Reiki and Meditation can be a wonderful, life-enhancing experience and this book provides some lovely examples.
= Penelope Quest


Foreword David Vennels
Part One – All About Reiki
i. How to use this book
Chapter – 1
1. What is Reiki?
2. Learning Reiki
3. The Reiki Lineage
4. The Reiki Attunements
5. Traditional and Non-traditional Reiki
6. Meditation Practice and Reiki

Part Two – All about Meditation
Chapter – 2
7. What is Meditation?
8. Why Meditation?
9. How to Meditate
10. Which Practice?
11. How Long to Practise
12. What to Watch Out For
13. Sharing Experiences
14. Meditation and Pride

Chapter – 3
15. Posture in Seven Points
16. Legs
17. Arms and hands
18. Back
19. Eyes
20. Jaw
21. Tongue
22. Head and Neck

Chapter – 4
23. The Four Contemplations
24. The Precious Human Life
25. Impermanence
26. Cause and effect or 'Karma' - Some common misunderstandings about cause and effect
27. The Flaws of Conditioned Existence

Chapter – 5
28. The Stages of Meditation
29. Establishing Posture
30. Establishing Intention
31. The Body of the Meditation
32. The Dissolving Phase
33. Sharing of Merit

Chapter – 6
34. The Gaps between Meditation
35. The Conditions for Practising Meditation

Chapter – 7
36. Obstacles to Practising Meditation
37. The first obstacle: Agitation
38. The remedy for Agitation
39. The second obstacle: Regret
40. The remedy for Regret
41. The third obstacle: Heaviness
42. Theremedy for Heaviness
43. The fourth obstacle: Dullness
44. The remedy for Dullness
45. The fifth obstacle: Doubt
46. The remedy for Doubt
47. The sixth obstacle: Wishing harm
48. The remedy for Wishing harm
49. The seventh obstacle: Attachment
50. The remedy for Attachment
51. The eighth obstacle: Drowsiness
52. The remedy for Drowsiness

Chapter – 8
53. Overcoming other obstacles
54. Outer disturbances of sound and noise
55. Physical discomforts and the body
56. Overcoming physical sensations and imagery
57. Changes that come through Meditation

Chapter – 9
58. Overcoming disturbing emotions
59. Dealing with Anger
60. Dealing with Attachment
61. Dealing with Jealousy
62. Dealing with Fear
63. Dealing with Depression

Part Three – Meditation Practices
Chapter – 10
64. The Meditations and Practices
65. Meditations for Relaxation and Cultivating Awareness
66. Closed Fist, Open Fist Meditation
67. Skin, Flesh, Bones Meditation
68. Sword and Stream Meditation

Chapter – 11
69. Creative Visualization Meditations
70. Purification Disc Meditation
71. Focussing Meditation
72. Accumulating Power Meditation
73. Hollow Body Meditation
74. Ransom Offering Meditation

Chapter – 12
75. Reiki Mudras
76. Gassho Mudra
77. The Gassho Mudra Meditation
78. Uttarabodhi Mudra
79. The Uttarabodhi Meditation
80. Konpo-in
81. The Konpo-in Mudra Meditation
82. Naibaku ken-ni
83. The Naibaku ken-ni Mudra Meditation

Chapter – 13
84. Additional Reiki Meditations
85. Reiki Symbol Meditation
86. Reiki Precepts Meditation
87. Self-Healing Blue Sphere Meditation
88. Usui Meditation

Chapter – 14
89. Japanese Reiki Meditations
90. Reiki Undo Meditation
91. Kenyoku-ho Meditation
92. Reiki Mawashi Meditation

Chapter – 15
93. Further Japanese Reiki Meditations
94. Hikari no Kokyu-ho Meditation (Meditation 1 on CD)
95. Gassho Kokyu-ho Meditation (Meditation 2 on CD)
96. Chakra Kassei Kokyu-ho Meditation (Meditation 3 on CD)
97. Reiki Shower Meditation (Meditation 4 on CD)
98. Sekizui Joka Ibuki-ho Meditation (Meditation 5 on CD)
99. Gassho Meditation (Meditation 6 on CD)
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