Easy Guide to Meditation

Easy Guide to Meditation

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Author: Rekhaa Kale
Publisher: Fusion Books
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 128
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8189605860


Meditation is a way to relax and revitalize that is known for ages. But very few people know the real way or the most effective way to meditate.

There are many misconceptions about meditation too. This book tries to handle most of these misconceptions and give you an extensive information about the science of meditation.

Meditation is a word that is widely respected, use as well as misunderstood and misused. People have some vague nation of meditation but hardly know exactly what it is.

This book is for all such people so that they know how simple real meditation is! The real meditation is done with your regular routine. Only the escapists go away to some places or take out special time in the name of meditation!



1. Meditation Defined
2. Need for Meditation
3. Illusion of Meditation
4. Resistance of People to Meditation
5. Doing Meditation
6. Happening of Meditation
7. Benefits of Meditation
8. Stress Release and Meditation
9. Clairvoyance and Meditation
10. Success in Life and Meditation
11. Failure and Meditation
12. Spirituality and Meditation
13. Health and Meditation
14. Wealth and Meditation
15. Well-being and Meditation
16. Sex and Meditation
17. Yoga Asana and Meditation
18. Tools for Meditation
19. Dynamic Meditation
20. lnner Gratitude
21. Grounding
22. Rising
23. Rooting
24. Unification of Chakras
25. Centring
26. Witnessing
27. Energy Circulation
28. Vipaasana Meditation
29. Crystal Meditation 1
30. Crystal Meditation 2
31. Kundalini Meditation
32. Naadabrahma Meditation
33. Chakra Meditation
34. Mirror Exercise
35. Jyoti Tratak
36. Developing Your Own Meditation
37. Coming Out of the Doing Trap
38. Imagination Visualization etc
39. Kriyas in Meditation
40. Knowing in Meditation
41. Satori and Meditation
42. Doing and Being Meditation
43. Overcoming Escapism
44. Awareness Enlightenment Beyond
45. Being Meditation in Daily Life
46. Role of Guru in Meditation
47. Role of Silence in Meditation
48. Role of Seclusion in Meditation
49. Role of surroundings in Meditation
50. Role of Chanting in Meditation
51. Role of Posture in Meditation
52. Role of Place in Meditation
53. Role of Knowledge in Meditation
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