Benedictory Discourses

Benedictory Discourses

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Author: Swami Ramsukhdas
Publisher: Gita Press
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 125
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788129300348


Revered Swami Ramasukhdasji Maharaj is very well-known to the spiritual aspirants of the country. He is a real saint, and has deep insight into the holy scriptures particularly the Bhagawadgita. His life is dedicated to the revival of spiritual values. He is extremely devoted to the spiritual advancement of the people, and consequently travels all over the country to inspire and guide the people in this direction. He emphasises that the object of a human being is attainment of God-Realisation.

This can be attained immediately if the seeker has a keen and the only desire to be fulfilled; and by giving up the desire for worldly pleasures and accumulation of wealth etc. The discourses of Swamiji Maharaj are immensely helpful and valuable to the true aspirants of God-Realisation. The mysterious precepts are explained in a simple language and style.

Several books of Swamiji Maharaj have been published I Hindi, hut it was felt that Non-Hindi speaking audience is deprived of the benefit of his discourses. This need has been fulfilled by this book which is the English version of the valuable collection of a few benedictory discourses delivered by Swamiji Maharaj at Gita Bhawan, Rishikesh.

Every translation suffers from a drawback because some charm of the original is bound to be lost in this process. We tender our apology to the readers for that. The publishers will feel amply rewarded if the translation is able to touch the hearts of even a few seekers of eternal truth


1. Don't Depend on the World
2. Reality and Illusion
3. How To Root Out Egotism
4. Salvation through Dealings
5. Immediate God Realization
6. Eternal Union with God
7. Respect Your Experience
8. God-realization without Action
9. Necessity of Remembrance
10. Belief and Experience
11. The means to Attain Happiness
12. Body and Self are Different
13. The Obstacle to Attain God
14. Immportance of Satsanga
15. Emancipation is Spontaneous
16. Importance of the Right Use
17. No Affinity with the Unreal
18. Importance of Determination
19. Don't Depend on the Unreal
20. Discipline of Action