Make - Up Album      (HINDI)

Make - Up Album (HINDI)

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Author: Richa Dave
Photographer(s): Rajesh Mishra
Publisher: Navneet Publications
Year: 2013
Language: Hindi
Pages: 176
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-243-2267-8


The technique of showing the natural beauty of a woman look more beautiful and attractive by using beauty products is called Make-up. The use of Make-up has been popular since Elizabethan Era. Beauty products like powder cream and lotion were used in the time of Queen Victoria too.

In the past women used to apply Make-up on special occasions only. But with the change of time women have made their place in many fields. There they need to be more confident. Make-up helps to boost their confidence. It also adds to the beauty of a face. Make-up helps to hide or cover many facial problems. So make-up has become a necessity for a woman in this competitive and modern time.

Before applying make-up it is very important to know what type of make-up should be applied on what part, to know the skin type etc. different types of make-up are applied on different occasions so a woman must be aware of this too.

This book explains in detail with the help of illustrations and attractive photographs about the basic techniques of applying make-up. Besides these books says in detail about the different products and different latest professional tools used in doing make-up. Eye make-up, blusher techniques, lip make-up, make-up according to the time and the occasion, makeup according to the region and various types of make-up have been explained in minute details and with lots of attractive photographs.



Section 1: The Basis of Make-Up
1. On the Basis of Face Type
2. Shading and Highlighting
Color Wheel

Section 2: Products Used in Make-Up
More about Concealer Series

Section 3: Latest and Professional Make-up Tools
Air Brush and Liquid Foundation

Section 4: Eye Make-Up
(1) Wide Set Eyes
(2) Close Set Eyes
(3) Deep Set Eyes
(4) Droopy or Down Sloping Eyes
(5) Prominent Eyes
(6) Small Eyes

Different Types of Eye Make-Up
Different Types of Eyeliners

Section 5: Blusher Techniques
(1) Small Face
(2) Medium Face
(3) Big Face

Section 6: Lip Make-Up
(1) Thin Lips
(2) Thick Lips
(3) Droopy Lips
(4) Uneven Lips
(5) Even Lips
Photographs of the Lips

Section 7: Make-up according to the time and the occasion

1. Make-up according to the time
(1) Morning Make-up
(2) Evening Make-up
(3) Methods of Applying a Make-up

2. Make-up according to the Occasion
(1) Engagement or Ring Ceremony Make-up
(2) D.J. Party Make-up
(3) Mehandi Function of Applying a Make-up
(4) Sangeet Sandhya Make-up
(5) Garba Make-up
(6) Marriage Make-up
(7) Reception Make-up

Section 8: Make-up according to the Region
(1) The Gujarati Bridal Make-up
(2) The Marathi Bridal Make-up
(3) The Marwadi Bridal Make-up
(4) The Muslim Bridal Make-up
(5) The Punjabi Bridal Make-up
(6) The Christian Bridal Make-up
(7) The Bengali Bridal Make-up
(8) The South Indian Bridal Make-up
(9) The Indo-Western Bridal Make-up

Section 9: Various types of Make-up
(1) The Child Make-up
(2) Urvashi Make-up
(3) The Model Make-up
(4) The Golden Make-up
(5) The Silver Make-up
(6) The Golden Silver Make-up
(7) The Bronze Make-up
(8) Apsara looks Make-up
(9) 1960s-look Make-up
(10) The Senior Woman Make-up
(11) The Corrective Make-up-leucoderma
(12) The Corrective Make-up-Smudge
(13) Make over Make-up
(14) Innovative Make-up
(15) Navratri Make-up
(16) Dancing Make-up

Pictures of the Varieties of peer and Bindis
Diet tips for Beauty care