How to be Your Own  -  Management Guru

How to be Your Own - Management Guru

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Author: Morgen Witzel
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 212
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9780143068662


How smart a manager are you? How good are you at leveraging your Knowledge and skills in order to provide value for your Business and your customers? How smart is your Management team when it comes to understanding both the fundamentals of business, and new trends?

How to be your own Management Guru is the perfect answer to those looking to master the fundamentals of managing in the modern world: how to make and implement strategy; how to understand and respond to Customer needs; how to manage and get the best out of people; and above all, how to use knowledge.

Drawing on both business Research and examples of best practice from around the world, past and present, How To Be Your Own Manager Guru will help readers to manage more effectively, and to do business the smart way.

The Book Features:

1. Key areas crucial for management in the twenty-first century
2. Quizzes to test yourself and your business
3. How to identify what are you doing well? What are you doing less well, and how might you improve?



Part One: The Mind of the Manager
1. Leadership
2. Core Competencies
3. The long term
4. Continuous improvement
5. Entrepreneurship
Part Two: The Manager and The Firm
6. Innovation
7. Matrix organization
8. Virtual organization
9. Supply Chain
10. Efficiency
Part Three: The Manager and the World
11. Strategic Thinking
12. Globalization
13. Mergers and acquisitions
14. Corporate governance
15. Business ethics
Part Four: Tools of the Trade
16. Costing
17. Benchmarking
18. 360 degree feedback
19. Four Ps
20. Brand Saliency
Conclusion: The Sum of all quizzes