Science of Reality        (Direct Self - Realisation)

Science of Reality (Direct Self - Realisation)

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Author: Swami Sivananda
Publisher: Divine Life Society
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 151
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170522137


From the divine pen of H. H. Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj has emanated a ceaseless stream of soul-elevating spiritual literature; his Holiness's message has penetrated every part of world.

Swami Sivanandaji Religion of the Heart which he has significantly termed' 'Divine life' is not the cave dwellers concern for the monopoly of the monks. It is for all. In the plainest language Swamiji tells each one of us how to translate our daily life into Divine Life and how through regular fruitful dynamic activities every one can expand the heart to infinite dimensions.

This book 'Science of Reality' contains the essence of the wisdom of centuries in poetic from. A study of these highly spiritual lines from the holy pen of the saint is meant to cheer up the weary aspirant in his journey towards the city of the Immortal.


Chapter I – Prayers
1. Prayers
2. New Year Prayer
3. A Prayer
4. Hail, Hail, Oh Lord
5. My King And master
6. I am Thine, My Lord

Chapter II – Science of the soul
7. Brahma Vidya
8. Aim of Srutis Teaching
9. Satchidananda
10. Asti-Bhati_Priya
11. Self luminous Brahman
12. Hidden river of Bliss
13. Existence is Consciousness
14. Drink Immortalising
15. Pure Awareness
16. Thou Art Infinite Brahman
17. Imperishable Must Be Infinite
18. Existence-Consciousness-Bliss Absolute
19. Soul is faster Than Mind
20. Interpenetrating Essence
21. God IS Love

Chapter III – Nature of the Individual Soul
22. Thou Art Atman
23. Atman Is Distinct from Body and Mind
24. Atma the Witness Consciousness
25. The Soul is Untainted
26. A Dialogue
27. Atma IS Distinct from Body
28. Thou Art not this Body
29. Philosophy of my body
30. Body, A Mere Appearance
31. Wanderer
32. Jiva is Identical with Brahman

Chapter IV – Mysteries of Creation
33. Maya's two Shaktis
34. The Family of Egoism
35. Aham Idam
36. There is only One Thing
37. Elephant in Wood
38. Dog IS Stone
39. Ball of Iron in Fire
40. Who Is man
41. Each Sense IS a Jyoti
42. Diverse Nature
43. Change Is Finitude and death
44. Pleasure and Pain
45. There Is No Death
46. What Is Evil

Chapter V – The Sage
47. Vasana Like Burnt Seed
48. Become Independent
49. Liberation
50. A Sage Is not Selfish
51. The Real Humanitarian
52. The World Likes Jivanmuktas
53. Who is a Sannyasi
54. Vyavahara Jnani and Samadhi Jnani
55. Jivanmukti and Videhamukti I
56. Jivanmukti and Videhamukti II
57. Jivanmukti and Videhamukti III
58. Two kinds of jivanmuktas
59. Two Kinds of Videhamuktas
60. Jivanmukti Sukha
61. Imiation Vidhamukta

Chapter VI – Practice of Vedanta
62. Yoga and Jnana
63. Drik-Drishya Vivek
64. Way to Direct Realisation
65. Vedantic Sadhana I
66. Vedantic Sadhana II
67. Stages in Sadhana
68. Practical Vedanta
69. Avidya and Vidya
70. Slayer of Atma
71. Not an Adhikari
72. The Four Means
73. Burning Mumukshatwa
74. Grasping and Retentive power
75. Blessed Guru 's Feet
76. The world is the Best Teacher
77. Hear, reflect Mediate
78. Enquiry
79. Enquiry or Vichar
80. Dawn of Discrimination
81. Find Out the Seer
82. Find Out your Friend
83. Find out your Enemy
84. Overcome Your enemies
85. Think Correctly
86. Mediate Mediate
87. Abode in bliss
88. Center your Heart on Brahman
89. Practice V. M & t. Simultaneously
90. Temptation
91. Knowledge is Being
92. Samadhi
93. That Non dual State that
94. you Are Already That

Chapter VII – Formulae for Meditation
95. Formulae for Vedantic Meditation
96. Song of Om
97. Vedantic Denial
98. Vedantic Affirmation
99. Formulae for Nirguna Meditation I
100. Formulae for Nirguna Meditation II
101. Self IS existence Absolute
102. Goodbye Vain World
103. That Exalted State
104. I Rejoice in My Atma
105. I am God Intoxicated
106. I Am tasting the Bliss
107. I am Emperor of Emperors

Chapter VIII – Short Cut to self realisation
108. Sure Ways for Success and God realisation
109. Way to Quick Realisation
110. Life is a Perpetual Struggle
111. Be Quick; Be quick
112. Seek Within
113. Peak of Wisdom
114. Forget and Remember
115. Purify and Enthrone and the Lord
116. Serve, Serve, Serve
117. be Good Do Good
118. The Enemies Come in Disguise
119. Remove Evil Traits
120. Cut the Knots and Fetters
121. Up the Wisdom
122. Greed is Deep rooted
123. Hypocritical Humility
124. Sincerity
125. Way to peace
126. Have a Spotless Character
127. Brahmacharya Makes One Divine
128. Combine Hatha Yoga
129. BE Kind to animals
130. Be Free Be Happy
131. Stockataking

Chapter IX – Different paths
132. Different Yogas
133. Minor Sadhana
134. Follow Synthetic Yoga
135. Sit and meditate
136. Meditate, Meditate
137. Colour Meditation
138. Frutis of Meditation
139. Ritambhara Prajna
140. Four Stages in Samadhi
141. Jnani's Pose and Pranayam
142. Obstacles in Mediation

Chapter X – The Clarion Call
143. Worldly Dog
144. Plunge in the Ocean of Bliss
145. Meditate on the Infinite
146. Wake Up Now At Least Oh Man
147. This World is an Empty Chimera
148. Man's Downfall
149. Stages of man
150. Why DO You Struggle

Chapter XI – Mind
151. The Great Unifier and Witness
152. Atma IS the Witness
153. Mind alone Sees and Hears
154. Mind Is Synthetic Organ
155. Mind a Goat, Chitta a Pig
156. Thought and facial Expression
157. Inner War
158. Fight With Evil
159. Remove the Dirt in the Mind Radio
160. The Creeper Mind
161. Watch the Mind
162. The Four States of Mind
163. Waking Dreaming and sleep
164. sleep Walkers

Chapter XII – Thoughts on Gita
165. Why 18 Chapters in Gita
166. Gita Slokas IX 4-5
167. All Begins Are Rooted in Brahman
168. It Is all Brahman Alone
169. Contradiction Recounted

Chapter XIII – Illustrated Truths
170. An Old Lady and Needle
171. Best Life Insurance Company
172. Sensual Pleasure Is poison
173. Divine Life IS the Salt of life
174. Aspire for Liberation
175. frog and faithless Disciples
176. Story of a king's Disciples
177. Moorkhanandas
178. Look to the Bhav

Chapter XIV – ON World Problem
179. The only Solution for World peace
180. The West Are in Despair Now
181. All Men Can Do
182. Prosperous America
183. Have Inner Spiritual Life
184. Glory of Hotels
185. Hindu Code Bill-a Shame
186. dowry system
187. Abolish Capital Sentence
188. Mutual Admiration Society
189. Burn All Contraceptives
190. Procreate Less Campaign
191. Order and Discipline
192. to Lord Krishna
193. Take This Pledge

Chapter XV – Reflections on Hinduism
194. glory Of Hinduism
195. Universal Atma-hood
196. Oh Sikh of Evolution
197. Stage of Evolution
198. Hatha Yoga
199. Four Bhavas
200. Ear Complains to the Lord
201. Durga Lakshmi Saraswati
202. Vijaya Dashami
203. Sandi Shashti
204. Deepavali

Chapter XVI – Siva's Life and Message
205. Cosmic Spiritual Powerhouse
206. Siva's Mysterious Palace
207. Blessed IS Life in Ananda Kefir
208. King of Kings
209. All World Religious federation
210. The aim of the
211. All World Religion Federation
212. Siva's Essence of Teaching
213. Siva 's Kernel of Teaching
214. Siva's final of Teaching
215. Siva's Triumphant Message
216. Song of Sadhana

Chapter XVII – On Diverse topics
217. The Astrological Twelve Sings
218. Mysterious Homeopathy
219. Anti Pneumo Thorax
220. Chemo Therapy
221. Become a doctor of soul
222. Boy Prodigies
223. Glory to These Newspaper Boys
224. Husband and Wife
225. March on Hero, D.L.S General