My Youth in Tibet  -  Recollections of A Tibetan Woman

My Youth in Tibet - Recollections of A Tibetan Woman

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Author: Tseyang Sadutshang
Publisher: Library of Tibetan Works & Archives
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 61
ISBN/UPC (if available): 93-80359-68-3


This book takes us to a time when Tibet was a land that truly belonged to the Tibetans.

In this first part of the book, the author vividly recounts instances that take place during her childhood and during the early part of her married life, with both can dour and charm. In particular, we see the life of a woman who was not part of the nobility, unlike most women from the nobility.

The second part of the book concentrates on the Regent Reting Rinpoche, her uncle. Here we are revealed intimate details of Reting Rinpoche, the person, and the much loved uncle. This entirely fresh perspective on the Regent is a welcome change from what has been written before about him.



Part One

1. A Remarkable experience in Reting
2. A visit to a nomad camp
3. Plating truant in Reting Part – 1
4. Playing truant in Reting Part – 2
5. Reting Khoryug Chopa
6. ‘Pangtuk Lachai Thokok’ – A folk story from Reting
7. Sagadawa prostrations in Lhasa
8. My grandmother, Reting Rinpoche’s mother
9. How I came to be a bride at Sadutshang
10. My responsibilities at Sadutshang
11. Who ate better?

Part Two

12. Events leading to the recognition of the 5th Reting Rinpoche
13. Reting Rinpoche returns home after his studies at Sera Je College
14. The 13th Dalai Lama comes to Reting
15. The Mystery of Reting Rinpoche’s fragrance
16. Changing fortunes
17. The impecunious nobleman
18. Reting Rinpoche is taken prisoner
19. The last time I saw Reting Rinpoche
20. False allegations against Reting Rinpoche