Revolution & Creativity  -  A Survey of Iranian Literature, Films and Art in the Post Revolutionary

Revolution & Creativity - A Survey of Iranian Literature, Films and Art in the Post Revolutionary

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Author: Azarmi Dukht Safawi
A W Azhar Dehlvi/
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 268
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788129108296


With Iran at the crossroads, Prof. Safawi and Dehlvi investigate and evaluate the Cultural situation in Iran, vis-a vis literature, film and art, and the gradual change in people's perceptions since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

The mediums of literature, art and film have always been, worldwide, explicit or implicit expressions of and comments upon the socio-cultural phenomena of their times. Employing a long-term innovative perspective, the writer and the artist perceive things as they are and impart them with a meaning impregnated with new possibilities.

Iranian literature, film and art, post-revolution, is a real presence, speaking of certain turns and trends in the sensibilities of this age of drastic, candid confrontations in Iran.

Revolution and Creativity analyses the Artistic output of a period in which the alliance between the literary/artistic expression is perhaps more closely associated with social, Political and cultural fluctuations in Iran than it has ever been.


'Destructive freedoms, or anything religiously prohibited or against the social propriety in the Islamic Republic of against the reputation of the Islamic Republic shall be prevented, or else each and every one of us will be responsible for it.'
= Imam Khomeini

I said: It does not exist, we have searched for it; He said; That non-existent is my longing
= Jalaluddin Rumi



i Poetry :
a. Literature Produced During the Qajar-Pahlavi Period
b. Pahlavi Period
c. Islamic Revolution

Sher-i-inqilab-post-Revolution Poetry :
a. Poetry During the First Ten Years of Revolution
b. Salient Features of the First Phase of Post-revolution Poetry
c. The Post-war Years
d. Repression and Poetry
e. Sui-Jahan-i-Tazeh-Towards a New World
f. Popular Verse Forms
g. Metre
h. Style, Diction, Language

ii. Prose :
a. Short Story :
(i). Post-revolution Short Story
(ii). First Ten Years
(iii). The Post-war Years
(iv). Prominent Writers

b. Ruman/Novel :
(i). Qajar-Pahlavi Period-an Overview
(ii). Post-Islamic Revolution Novel

c. Feminist Literature/Writings After the Islamic Revolution :
(i). Women's Journals/Media and Feminism
(ii). Prominent women Activists/Writers of Contemporary Iran
(iii). Feminist Fiction : Women Writers

d. Religious Literature :
(i). Prominent Writers

e. Children's Literature :
(i). During the Pahlavi Period
(ii). After the Islamic Revolution Prominent Writers

i. Iranian Cinema-a brief Background upto 1979
ii. Films after the Islamic Revolution
iii. The New Iranian cinema
iv. Return of the woman Protagonist
v. Makhmalbaf : A Symbol of Change in Post-revolution Cinema

i. Brief Historical Overview
ii. Post-revolution Iranian Painting
iii. Prominent Artists in Post-revolution Iran
iv. Important Features of Post-revolution Painting
v. Contemporary Painting

Titles of Persian Books
Titles of Films