The Anglo - Indian Way  -  Celebrating the Lives of the Anglo-Indians of India

The Anglo - Indian Way - Celebrating the Lives of the Anglo-Indians of India

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Author: James Skinner
Several Contributors/
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Errol O'Brien
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 145
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788129121080


Portraits of thirty extraordinary men and women from one of India’s most remarkable minority communities – the Anglo-Indians

Tells the fascinating story of the Anglo-Indian community through profiles of some of the community’s most extraordinary men and women.

The Anglo –Indians are a small but vibrant community, born out of India’s Colonial past. They have been portrayed in various ways in the country’s cultural history, in its books, movies and social and political accounts. Yet, not too many comprehensive narratives have emerged from within the community about how it was shaped, about its people’s ambitions, aspirations and motivations their successes and achievements.

The Anglo-Indian Way attempts to tell the story of the Anglo-Indians through those of some of the community's most interesting and extraordinary men and women. In a series of essays written by a host of writers, the lives of these personalities are described lucidly, and with warmth and honesty. Each of these people stayed and worked in India, and with their determination, enthusiasm and joie de vivre, they have all been active participants in the progress of the country in countless ways. From Henry Derozio and Frank Anthony to Ruskin Bond and Diana Hayden, the book is about people who excelled in all walks of life as leaders, politicians, police officers, actors, teachers, jockeys, sportsmen, engine drivers, writers, quizmasters and many more.

As a chronicle of a community, The Anglo-Indian Way is necessary; as a record of life stories, it is inspiring; and as a glimpse of history as it was being lived, it is invaluable.



1. Sikandar Sahib by James Skinner
2. The Poet and Freethinker by Henry Vivian Louis Derozio
3. A Knight in Shining Armour by Sir Henry Gidney
4. My Mother India by Nellie Bella O’brien
5. The Quiet Intellectual by Francis Joseph Charles Friend-Pereira
6. The Stracey Family
7. The Captain of the Community by Frank Anthony
8. Beyond the Call of Duty by Percy Carroll
9. Two Centenarians by Leslie Charles Hart Florence St Clair Watkins
10. Two Police Officers by Sydney Noel deSilva, Ronnie Moore
11. The Aloha Boy by Garney Nyss
12. The Red Beretta by Father Lawrence Trevor Picachy
13. India’s First World Champion by Wilson Lionel Garton Jones
14. A Legend of the Game by Leslie Claudius
15. Two Grand Ladies of Kolkata by Sheila Broughton, Philomena Eaton
16. The Scholar and Mentor by Neil O’brien
17. The Writer on the hill by Ruskin Bond
18. Sabre Jet Down by Trevor Keelor
19. Of a Thousand and One Dances by Helen Richardson
20. Jaguars Can Fly by Michael McMahon
21. The Alford Family
22. The Storyteller by Irwin Allan Sealy
23. A Cricketer and Gentleman – Roger to That ! by Roger Michael Humphrey Binny
24. Impossible is Nothing by Derek O’Brien
25. Beauty with a Purpose by Diana Hayden
Notes on Contributors