Sri Aurobindo for All Ages  -  A Biography

Sri Aurobindo for All Ages - A Biography

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Author: Nirodbaran
Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 242
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788170582021


This biography is written by a disciple who had the great privilege of serving Sri Aurobindo for twelve years as his literary secretary and, before this, of carrying on a long correspondence with him.

During the years 1938-1950 Sri Aurobindo's attendants used to speak with him on various general topics, and many interesting anecdotes and experiences culled from both the talks and the letters give a unique flavour, an intimate feel to this book.

It is sprinkled throughout with humour and personal touches which bring to the reader a very living contact.


Foreword Part I : 1. Family Background and Childhood (1872-1879) 2. Manchester and St. Paul's school, London (1879-1890) 3. Cambridge : The Call of the Motherland (1890-1893) 4. Baroda (1893-1906) : i. State Service ii. Baroda College iii. Studies iv. Writings v. Personal Like vi. Entry into Politics 'Indu Prakash' articles vii. Revolutionary Activities viii. Yoga 5. The Nationalist Movement : 'Bande Mataram' (1906-1907) 6. Surat Congress and the Aftermath (1907-1908) 7. The Alipore Bomb Case : One Year in Jail (1908-1909) 8. 'Karmayogin'-Chandernagore-Pondicherry (1909-1910) Part II : I. Pondicherry : Cave of Tapasya (1910-1914) II. Coming of the Mother-'Arya' Review-World War I (1914-1920) III. Beginnings of the Ashram (1920-1926) : i. The Mother Returns to Stay ii. Evening Talks with Disciples iii. Siddhi Day IV. The Integral Yoga and the Ashram (1927-1938) : i. A God's Labour ii. Sri Aurobindo's Accident V. The Growth Of The Ashram (1938-1950) : i. Sri Aurobindo's Recovery ii. World War II iii. India's Independence iv. 'Savitri' Epilogue Appendix – The Message of Fifteenth August 1947.