Your Aura and Your Chakras  -  The Owner’s Manual

Your Aura and Your Chakras - The Owner’s Manual

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Author: Karla Mclaren
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 290
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788120817456


Your aura & Your Chakras: The Owner’s Manual is a clear and comprehensive text for the restoration and maintenance of your subtle energy system. Karla Mclaren, who has worked with survivors of abuse and trauma, shows how to clear the chakras of old hurts and to cleanse and strengthen the aura for protection against invasive energy.

She provides indispensible grounding techniques for making the inner connection between your mind, your body, and the Earth, and helps you understand, read,and define the natural protective boundary of your aura.


“Chakras are circular energy centres in and around our body. The chakra system is intimately connected with the endocrine system, with each chakra associated with a specific gland. Imbalances in the glandular systems or any of the chakras disrupts our system. The book gives a detailed account of all the chakras and the technique for cleansing them." - Mrs. Vatsala Balachandran Warrier, Ancient Science of Life, Vol.20 (1 & 2), July-Dec. 2000

"A lucid and comprehensive treatise on Aura and Chakras for the initiated and the student alike and, especially, for those who take their healing seriously. It deals at length with cleansing the Aura and Chakras and reinforcing them against invasive forces." - Mystic India, Vol.2, No.1, Jan.-Feb. 2001

"I am not attracted to the practices in the book. McLaren does have some good things to say about awareness and learning how to control the emotions and thereby gaining some degree of stability to the mind. In fact I would recommend the book to an emotionally unstable person." - Yoga Life, Vol.34, No.08, August 2001

"The book gives a scholarly exposition of the subject and is based on the author's practical experience in healing the survivors of dissociative trauma." - National herald, 11th Nov. 2004

"This book gives some practical and easy-to-follow directions on how to achieve a happy and healthy existence on earth." - Alive, March. 2001


Acknowledgements Introduction Part I – The Basics 1. Getting Started 2. A Room of Your Own 3. Getting Grounded 4. Defining Your Aura 5. Protecting Your Aura 6. Destroying Images 7. The Gold Sun Healing Part II – Further Inward 8. Burning Contracts 9. Channeling Your Emotions 10. Advanced Techniques Part III – The Owner’s Manual 11. Reading Your Aura 12. An Introduction to your Chakras 13. The First (or Kundalini) Chakra 14. The Second (or Hara) Charka 15. The Third (or Solar Plexus) Chakra 16. The Fourth (or Heart) Chakra 17. The Fifth (or Throat) Chakra 18. The Sixth (or Third Eye) Chakra 19. The Seventh (or Crown) Chakra 20. The Eighth (or Gold Sun) Chakra 21. The Hand Chakras 22. The Foot Chakras 23. Reading Your Chakras 24. The Gold Sun Healing for Chakras Part IV – The Troubleshooting Guide Bibliography Index