The Tale of The Twin Warriors      (Koti Chennaya)

The Tale of The Twin Warriors (Koti Chennaya)

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Author: Bannanje Babu Amin
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Shankar Narayana Dooja Poojary
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 154
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788126027811


Oral epics in any Indian language are generally associated with certain specific communities, defined by their traditional occupations; and the present oral epic Koti Channaya belongs to the Billava community. This poetic narrative, which records the life and adventures of the two cultural heroes of the Billava community, their yearning for cultivable land, their brave opposition to the established powerful classes, and their tragic end, is sung by the members of the particular communities called Pambada and Parava of coastal Karnataka, during the annual worship of the twin heroes. The oral epic, Koti Chennaya unravels the world of Billava community (traditionally toddy-tappers) of coastal Karnataka recording in the process the life and adventures as also the travails and tribulations of the two cultural heroes of Billava community. Most of the oral epics begin with a 'Creation Myth', which begins with the creation of the entire universe step by step, thus focuses on the legendary first parents/ancestors of the community concerned. Such a myth, besides glorifying the cultural heroes of the epic, gives a privileged position to the community by linking it with the rest of the world and gives it a socio-cultural identity. Koti Channaya also begins with a 'Creation Myth'. A recent study undertaken by UNESCO says that half of the 6,700 languages spoken in the world at present face the danger of extinction before the end of this century.


Foreword Preface Key to Transliteration Chapter One – The Background Chapter Two – Padumale Ballal and His Dream Chapter Three – Deyi Baideti Chapter Four – Birth of Koti Chennaya Chapter Five – End of Buddhivanta Chapter Six – Journey of Koti Chennaya Chapter Seven – In the Dindumale Prison Chapter Eight – Koti Chennaya in Enmur Chapter Nine – The Battle of Enmur Chapter Ten – The Legacy of Koti Chennaya Glossary Name Index Reference: