Mahatma Gandhi in His Gujarati Writings

Mahatma Gandhi in His Gujarati Writings

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Author: C N Patel
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
Year: 1981
Language: English
Pages: 98
ISBN/UPC (if available): NA


Gandhiji's Writing was done as part of his public service to which he had dedicated himself in a Religious spirit. He never wrote anything for the pleasure of writing or of self-expression, as pure literature. But though they had always a practical aim and purpose, most of Gandhiji's writing had the quality of true literature, a Natural Movement of thought, not arranged by logical Intellect but guided by spontaneous feeling and progressing from the right Beginning to the true end according to an inner logic.

Gandhiji's Gujarati writing bears no evident traces of literary influence. But though close to the Idiom of daily speech, Gandhiji's Gujarati shows his imaginative receptivity as richly as, if not more than, his English. Whereas in his English writings Gandhiji appealed to the moral feeling of cultivated Englishmen, in his Gujarati writings he appealed to the moral feeling of the common people. Gandhiji's prose became an instrument of great power for stimulating and purifying moral sensibility and educating the people in collective, Democratic thinking in all affairs and problems of life.

In this monograph Prof. C.N. Patel attempts to discover for the reader 'the inner Gandhiji' through his own writings. The major Events in the life of the Father of the Nation arc interpreted with appropriate annotations from Gandhiji's own writings.