A History of Modern Maithili Literature:    Post - Independence Period

A History of Modern Maithili Literature: Post - Independence Period

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Author: Devakant Jha
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 367
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9798126018924


Maithili has a long tradition of at least seven hundred years; being on centre stage in the whole of north-eastern India including Nepal, it has inspired the growth of literature in the entire region. The present work endeavours to supplement the earlier work by Dr. Jayakant Mishra, (Sahitya Akademi, 1976) by updating, elaborating and analysing the latest trends; it dwells at length on contemporary literature in all its forms, focusing on the spirit of Mithila today. A careful study of its salient features will show how modern Maithili literature is striving to catch up with other Indian literatures. Now that Maithili is on the national map, the present work has in mind the general reader who may not be conversant with the current growth of Maithili.


Foreword Author’s Note Chapter 1 – (i) Poetry (ii) Epic Poetry : The Mahakavya (iii) The Long Poem : Khandakavya (iv) Modern Poetry Chapter 2 – (v) The New Age of Drama : Retrospect and Prospect Chapter 3 – (vi) Modern Novel : Retrospect and Prospect Chapter 4 – (vii) The Growth of the Short Story Chapter 5 – (viii) Literary Criticism Chapter 6 – (ix) The Personal Essay Appendix – New Entries Index of Authors