Vedanta Sadhana and Shakti Puja

Vedanta Sadhana and Shakti Puja

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Author: Swami Swahananda
Publisher: Advaita Ashram
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 336
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175053658


One must propitiate the Divine Mother, the Primal Energy, in order to obtain God’s grace. God Himself is Mahamaya. It is his will that we should run about a little. Then it is great fun. God has created the world in play, as it were. This is called Mahamaya, the great illusion. Therefore one must take refuge in the divine mother, the cosmic power itself. It is she who has bound us with the shackles of illusion. The realization of God is possible only when those shackles are severed.


Publisher’s Note
Author’s Introduction

Part I – Shakti Puja : Mother Worship

1. Shakti Puja
2. I God as Mother
3. The Way of the Mother
4. Symbolism in Religion
5. Hindu Symbology
6. Divine Forms : A Symbolic Interpretation
7. The Tantrik Concept of Mother Worship
8. The Worship of Mother Durga
9. On Reading the Chandi
10. Lessons from an Anecdote

Part II – Vedanta Sadhana According to Acharyas

11. Spiritual Discipline and Shankara
12. Spiritual Discipline and Ramanuja
13. Spiritual Discipline and Madhva
14. Spiritual Discipline and Nimbarka
15. Spiritual Discipline and Vallabha
16. Spiritual Discipline and Chaitanya
17. Spiritual Discipline and Shrikantha

Part III – Scriptures

18. The Gita Imperatives
19. The Idea of Tapas in the Gita
20. The Idea of Dana in the Gita
21. The Principle of Svadharma
22. The Idea of Tapas in the Upanishads
23. The Holy Scriptures
24. Adhyatma Ramayana

Part IV : Teachers

25. Shiva we Worship
26. Shri Krishna the Eternal Charioteer
27. Shri Krishna the Guide and Goal Divine
28. Shri Chaitanya the Prophet of Divine Name
29. The Gospel of Service and Saint Tukaram
30. Swami Ramakrishnananda
31. Acharya Shankara
32. Acharya Shankara
33. A Ramakrishna Symbol
34. Shri Ramakrishna’s Specialty
35. The Ramakrishna Mould