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Author: G T Deshpande
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 180
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788126024315


Abhinavagupta (A.D. 940-1015), authority on Indian theatre, literary Criticism and aesthetics, belonged to the Pratyabhijna School of Kashmir Shaivism. In the interpretation of Rasasutra, Abhinavagupta followed the theory of Dhvani or suggestion as propounded by Anandavardhana but also accepted the concept of Sadharanikarana or universalization from Bhattanayaka.

It is on the basis on Abhinavagupta's commentaries that we get a clear idea about the Theories propounded in the Dhvanyaloka and Natya Shastra. His commentaries written in a fluent and ornate Style have a place as pure literature itself.


1. Life
2. Works
3. Abhinavagupta's Philosophy :
i. Historical Background
ii. Monistic Saiva Philosophy
iii. Epistemic Approach of Monistic Saivism

4. Abhinavagupta's Theory of Aesthetics (I) :
i. Historical Background
ii. Aesthetic Experience as Explained by Abhinavagupta
iii. Abhinavagupta's Exposition of Rasa Sutra
iv. Santa Rasa

5. Abhinavagupta's Theory of Aesthetics (II) :
i. Theory of Dhvani
ii. Abhinavagupta's Philosophy of Music
iii. Pratibha

6. Abhinavagupta's Influence on Later Writers
7. Abhinavagupta" s Contribution to Indian Thought :
i. His Contribution to Literary Criticism and Other Sciences
ii. His Catholic Attitude "Sastra Sammelanam"
iii. The Path of "Tantra"
iv. Conclusion

Appendix – Notes and References