Before Memory Fades -   An Autobiography

Before Memory Fades - An Autobiography

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Author: Fali S Nariman
Publisher: Hay House
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 459
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9789381431450


A revelatory, comprehensive and perceptive autobiography – candid, compelling and authoritative.

Over the decades Fali S. Nariaman has attained the status of a preeminent advocate whose views are not only heard by those in the corridors of power – both judicial and political – but also respected. This volume present his life journey right from his childhood in Rangoon to the present. Starting with his formative years, when he had the good fortune to interact with many eminent judges and advocates, Fali S. Nariman moves on to deal with a wide variety of important subjects, such as:

- The sanctity of the Indian Constitution and attempts to tamper with it.
- Crucial cases that have made a decisive impact on the nation, especially on the interpretation of the law.
- The relationship between the political class and the judiciary.
- The cancer of corruption and how to combat this menace.

The author outlines measures to restore the now-low credibility of the legal profession.

He also delineates his role in several high-profile cases. In recognition of his track record, the Government of India nominated him to the Rajya Sabha. This book is a must for both members of the legal profession and the lay reader who find the contents informative, educative and thought-provoking.


Chapter 1 – The Great Trek
Chapter 2 – More Watching than pleading
Chapter 3 - Judges during and before My time
Chapter 4 – Lawyers and the Legal Profession
Chapter 5 – Lessons in the ‘School of Hard Knocks’
Chapter 6 – Turning Points in My Life – and in the life of the Nation
Chapter 7 – Move to Delhi
Chapter 8 – The Internal Emergency
Chapter 9 – Some Reflections – Post Emergency
Chapter 10 – The Bhopal Case
Chapter 11 – The Good and the great
Chapter 12 – An Interlude
Chapter 13 – Can they not perform better than they do?
Chapter 14 – About some judges of the supreme court
Chapter 15 – Judicial governance and Judicial Activism
Chapter 16 – A case I Won – But which I would prefer to have lost
Chapter 17 – In parliament – and out of it
Chapter 18 – The Finishing Canter…