33 Tales from Tagore

33 Tales from Tagore

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Author: Oroon Ghosh
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Oroon Ghosh
Publisher: Indiana Publishing House
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 150
ISBN/UPC (if available): ? 8184082010


In India, especially in Bengal, Rabindranath Tagore has transcended, as often happens in the Indian paradigm, the simple position of a writer-philosopher. Since great thinkers, who are often religious in their purview, are seen as gurus and close to Bhagwan - God - by Hindus, Rabindranth Tagore is especially revered.

Hindus believe that by listening to the words of such wise and enlightened men, people are brought close to Bhagwan. For this reason, he is affectionately known as Gurudeb, which means, literally, Teacher-God.

Tagore is a first class story teller, ranking with such masters as Chekov, Guy de Maupassant and O Henry. His prose is full of lyricism. This volume carries 33 of Tagore's short stories translated from Bangla original titled Galpa Guccha - Bunch of Stories.


1. Kabuliwalah
2. The folly of Ram Kanai
3. O Kay, O Kay, O Kay Go? (Who is she, who is she, who is she?)
4. The Weeping stones
5. A Muslim Girl in Search of a Hindu Groom
6. Between Life and Death
7. A Deadful Case of Dowry Demand
8. The Tale of The Sentimental Jetty
9. The Brohen Nest
10. Sunlight and Shade
11. Didi (Elder Sister) and Good Sahib
12. Revenge
13. The Grand-Dad From Nayanjor
14. The Guest
15. A New Insight
16. Penance
17. The Judge
18. The Nuisance
19. The Lady without Jewels
20. The Wish Fulfilling Fairy
21. Detective
22. Jealousy
23. Deliverance
24. The Postmaster
25. Inheritance
26. The Talking Skeleton
27. Sheikh Dalya
28. Mirage
29. A Tale of Two Wives
30. Strir Patra (The Letter of the Wife) A Letter from a wife
31. The Return of Khoka Babu (Young Master)
32. Master Mashai (Tutor-Sir)
33. The Laboratory