Pictorial Mahabharata  (4-color illustrations)

Pictorial Mahabharata (4-color illustrations)

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Author: Swami Raghaveshananda
Painter/Illustrator/Animator: Padmavasan/Maniam Selvan/Ravi
Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 272
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788178236698


The Mahabharata is one of the cherished heritages of the whole Hindu world and forms the basis of a Hindu's thoughts and his moral and ethical ideas. It is a sublime poem that shows the triumph of virtue and defeat of vice. This book presents this great epic in simple language for children.

The Mahabharata contains the story of a race descended from King Bharata. Maha means great, and Bharata means the descendants of Bharata. Mahabharata means Great India, or the story of the great descendants of Bharata. Earlier this story was published in five volumes under the title 'Mahabharata for Children'. Now, all these five volumes are combined together and published.



1. The Epic Begins
2. Ganesha, The Scribe
3. Shantanu weds Ganga
4. The Vasus and Vasishta’s Curse
5. Bhishma – The Pillar of Mahabharata
6. Sons of Satyavati
7. The Predicament
8. The Tree Brothers
9. The Marriage of the Princes
10. Sons of Gandhari
11. Pandu is Cursed
12. Birth of the Pandavas
13. Pandavas Enter Hastinapura
14. Jealousy Sprouts in Duryodhana’s Mind
15. Drona Enters
16. Ekalavya. The Great Archer
17. Arjuna’s Supremacy
18. Drona’s Revenge
19. The Son of the Sun
20. The Lac Palace
21. Birth of Ghatotkacha
22. Life at Ekachakra
23. The Heroine of Mahabharata
24. The Pandavas’ Return to Hastinapura
25. The New Kingdom of the Pandavas
26. Arjuna’s Voluntary Exile
27. The Marriage of Subhadra
28. Burning of the Khandava Forest


29. Maya offers Service
30. Narada Advises Yudhishthira to Perform Rajasuya
31. Krishna Counsels Yudhishthira
32. Killing of Jarasandha
33. Rajasurya Sacrifice
34. Krishna kills Sishupala
35. Duryodhana’s Jealousy
36. Vidura Goes as an Emissary
37. Duryodhana Digs his own grave
38. The grace of Sri Krishna
39. Yudhishthira Gambles Again


40. The Inexhaustible Vessel
41. Vidura Visits the Pandavas
42. The Curse of Maitreya
43. Krishna Pledges
44. Arjuna’s Fight with Lord Shiva
45. Arjuna at Indra’s Palaces
46. Arjuna’s Absence Saddens Yudhishthira
47. The Pandavas at Gandhamadhana Mountain
48. Bhima Meets Hanuman
49. Draupadi Gets Flowers
50. Arjuna Returns
51. A Python Attacks Bhima
52. Krishna Visits Again
53. Duryodhana’s Plot
54. Goodheartedness of Yudhishthira
55. Inconsolable Duryodhana
56. Duryodhana Performs Sacrifice
57. Krishna Protects His Devotees
58. Jayadratha Punished
59. Gift of Kavacha and Kundala
60. Death of Nakula and Others
61. Yaksha Prasna


62. The Pandavas in Council
63. Pandavas Enter Matsya’s Kingdom
64. The Evil Eyes of Keechaka fall on Draupadi
65. Draupadi Takes Shelter in Bhima
66. Death of Keechaka
67. Cows Stolen
68. Uttara – The Boaster
69. Arjuna Fills Uttara with Courage
70. Cows Recovered
71. Arjuna Humiliates Duryodhana
72. Pandavas Reveal Their Identity


73. Arjuna and Duryodharana at Dwaraka
74. Peaces Efforts
75. Sanjaya as Peace Messenger
76. Duryodhana is Adamant on War
77. War or Peace?
78. With my return, the war will begin
79. Reception to Lord Krishna
80. Krishna Gladdens Vidura
81. Krishna at Assembly Hall
82. Duryodhana Defends himself
83. The Grand form of Sri Krishna
84. ‘Kunti is your mother’
85. ‘You will have five sons living’
86. War Preparations
87. Uluka as a Messenger
88. The Only Enemy of Bhishma

Bhishma PARVA

89. On the Kurukshetra field
90. Nable act of Yudhishthira
91. The Bhagavad Gita
92. The Battle Begins
93. The Second Day
94. Bhishma in Terrible Form
95. Bhagadatta’s Prowess
96. Duryodhana Grieves
97. Fight between Bhima and Duryodhana
98. The Invincible Bhishma
99. Bhishma Gives his word to Duryodhana
100. Bhishma – The Forest Fire
101. Pandavas at Bhishma’s Camp
102. Darkness Clouds the Kaurava Army
103. At the feet of Bhishma


104. Karma Enters the Battlefield
105. Drona tries to Capture Yudhishthira
106. Death of Abhimanyu
107. The Miraculous Sunset
108. Ghatotkacha Dies for Arjuna to Survive
109. Drona killed by a Lie
110. Narayanastra


111. Karna as the Commander-in-Chief
112. Karna Attacks Yudhishthira
113. Bhima Takes Revende on Dusshasana
114. End of Karna


115. The Death of Shalya and Shakuni
116. Bhima Slays Duryodhana
117. Ashwatthama visits Duryodhana


118. Ashwatthama’s Vengeance
119. Krishna Curses Ashwatthama


120. Krishna Saves Bhima


121. Yudhishthira’s Remorse
122. The Coronation of Yudhishthira
123. Bhishma Instructs Yudhishthira


124. Exit Bhishma


125. Krishna gives life to a dead child


126. Dhritarashtra Goes to the Forest
127. End of Vidura
128. The Fallen Heroes Reappear
129. Dhritarashtra passes away


130. Krishna Returns to Vaikuntha


131. The Pandavas Ascend to Heaven


132. Yudhishthira in Heaven