Sri Sarada Devi -- Consort of Sri Ramakrishna

Sri Sarada Devi -- Consort of Sri Ramakrishna

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Author: Swami Vivekananda
Several Contributors/
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Swami Sarvabhutananda
Publisher: Ramakrishna Mission
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 185
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788187332725


Without the grace of Shakti nothing is to be accomplished. What do I find in America and Europe? – The worship of Shaki, the worship of power. Yet they worship her ignorantly through sense-gratification.

Imagine, then, what a lot of good they will achieve who will worship her with all purity, in a sattvika spirit, looking upon her as their mother ! I am coming to understand things clearer every day, my insight is opening out more and more. Hence we must first build a math for mother. First mother and mother’s daughter’s then father and father’s sons – can you understand this?


Publisher’s Note

1. On the holy Mother by Swami Vivekananda
2. A Hymn to Sri Sarada Devi by Swami Abhedananda
3. Sri Sarada Devi – The Holy Mother by Sister Nivedita
4. The Spiritual Union of Sri Ramakrishna and the Holy Mother by Swami Saradananda
5. Two Strange Devotees by Swami Gambhirananda
6. My first visit to the holy mother by Swami Virajananda
7. Memories of the holy Mother by Swami Vishuddhananda
8. Sri Sarada Devi – The Holy Mother by Swami Vishuddhananda
9. Mother’s Grace by Swami Apurvananda
10. On the Holy Mother by Upadhyaya Brahmabandhav
11. Mother-Love in Motion – Homage to the holy mother by St. Nihal Singh
12. The Holy Mother by ‘M.’
13. Dev I Saradamani – As the Disciples of Sri Ramakrishna Saw Her by Dr Mohendra Nath Sircar
14. Saradamani Devi by Ramananda Chatterjee
15. Sri Sarada Devi – A Study in Holy Life by Dr S.C. Chatterjee
16. Sri Sarada Devi – The Holy Mother by Dr Nanda Lal Chatterjee
17. The Holy Mother by P. Seshadri Aiyar
18. The Holy Mother by P. S. Naidu
19. The Holy Mother by T.S. Avinashilingam
20. The Holy Mother – An Ideal for Indian Women by S.N.L. Shrivastava
21. The Holy Consort by R.R. Diwakar
22. The Holy Mother by Sm. Yamunabai Hirlekar
23. The Holy Mother by Dr. (Mrs.) S. Muthulakshmi Reddi
24. The Life Divine by Kalpalata Devi
25. Ramakrishna’s wife – Max Muller
26. On the Holy Mother by Romain Rolland
27. The Holy Mother by Dorothy Kruger