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Home Nursing

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Author: Swami Sivananda
Publisher: Divine Life Society
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 127
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170522102


The Divine grandeur and majestic beauty of leading an ideal spiritual life lies in the active interest that a spiritual aspirant takes in serving all humanity with Atma Bhava or Narayana Bhav. This the Sage of Ananda Kutir preaches silently through his own practical exemplary living.

Of the various types and modes of service that can be rendered to the ailing humanity – morally, mentally and physically ailing humanity, medical service stands above all others, for, has it not been said Mens Sane Corpore Sane, has it not been asserted beyond doubt Sareeramadyam Khalu Dharma-sadhanam! As such, viewed from all quarters physical well-being is an essential and foremost pre-requisite for pursuing any walk of life.

Bringing out this noble ideal and truth through his various activities, Sri Swami Sivanandaji has in addition to publishing the monthly journal “Health and Long Life” already given us a number of books on health and on medical subjects. As his boon to the suffering humanity, Sri Swami Sivanandaji’s work “Home Nursing” is presently published.

Needless it is to point out that the books published in this series are written to educate the laymen.

May the “Home Nursing” find its way into all household and be a sincere guide and divine healer!



1. Introduction
2. Duties of a Nurse
3. General Instructions
4. The Sick Room
5. Practical Instructions
6. Disinfection and Sterilization
7. Enema
8. Injections
9. Poisons and Antidotes
10. Home Hydrotherapy
11. Fomentation
12. Medicated hot Baths
13. Poultice
14. Lotions, Paints, Plaster
15. Domestic Hygiene
16. Infant Feeding
17. Feeding of the Sick
18. Diet for Invalids – I
19. Diet for Invalids – II
20. Food for the Invalids
21. Simple Household Remedies
22. Hospital Formulae
23. Modern Drugs
24. Maternity and Child Welfare

25. Home Remedies Chest
26. Temperature
27. Weights and Measures