Stories from Yoga Vasishta

Stories from Yoga Vasishta

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Author: Swami Sivananda
Publisher: Divine Life Society
Year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 149
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170520339


It is the Crest-jewel of all the works on Vedanta. It is a masterpiece. A study of the book raises a man to the lofty heights of divine splendour and bliss. It is really a vast store of wisdom. Those who practise Atma Chintana or Brahma Abhyasa or Vedantic Meditation will find a priceless treasure in this marvellous book.

He who studies the book with great interest and one-pointedness of mind cannot go without attaining Self-realisation. The practical hints on Sadhana are unique. Even the most worldly-minded man will become dispassionate and will attain peace of mind, solace and consolations.

The name is derived from the Sage Vasishtha. Though the book is called Yoga Vasishtha, it treats of Jnana only. Practical Yoga is dealt with in two stories. The world “Yoga” is used in the title of this work in its generic sense. It is known by the name Jnana Vasishtham also.

The Yoga Vasishtha Contains a system of ancient philosophical thought unique in its kind. This is a valuable heritage from the hoary past of this sacred land known as Bharatavarsha or Aryavarta. The system of thought that is presented in this book is a highly valuable contribution not only to Indian philosophical thought but also to the philosophical thought of the world at large.



I. Hastamalaka Stotra
II. Para Puja
III. Essence of Yoga Vasishtha


1. Vairagya Prakarana(On Dispassion)

i. The Story of Sukadeva

2. Mumukshu Prakarana (On Longing for Liberation)
3. Utpatti Prakarana (On Creation)

ii. The Story of Karkati
iii. The Story of Indra and Ahalya
iv. A Tale for a Bala
v. The Story of a Siddha

4. Sthiti Prakarana (On Existence)

vi. The Story of Sukra
vii. The Story of Bhima, Bhasa and Dridha

5. Upasanti Prakarana (On Dissolution)

viii. The Story of King Janaka
ix. The Story of Gadhi
x. The Story of Uddalaka
xi. The Story of Bhasa and Vilasa
xii. The Story of Veetahavya

6. Nirvana Prakarana (On Liberation)

xiii. The Story of the Bilva Fruit
xiv. The Story of Sikhidhwaja
xv. The Story of Ikshwaku

7. Appendix

xvi. Sri Satya Narayana Vrata
xvii. Realisation of the Ultimate Reality
xviii. Prayers and Songs
xix. The Universal Prayer
xx. Invocatory Prayer
xxi. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra
xxii. Kirtans
xxiii. Song of Instructions
xxiv. Song of Eighteen “Ities”
xxv. Song of Ethics
xxvi. Yoga of Synthesis
xxvii. Essence of Vedanta
xxviii. Song of Moderation
xxix. Saints of India
xxx. Saints of the World.