India's Glorious Freedom Struggle and the Post -Independence Era

India's Glorious Freedom Struggle and the Post -Independence Era

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Author: Mohan Dharia
Publisher: National Book Trust
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 112
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788123758428


Intended as a kind of guide, this short and inspiring book acquaints us with the history of India, the rich cultural heritage, the long and glorious struggle for freedom, the challenges it faced as a new nation, the constitution, the five-year plans and its spectacular progress and growth as one of the rising powers in the world today.

It also argues for the active involvement of the people in the country’s development process, and puts forward in details a national code of conduct and a national programme of action.



1. Us Indians and India
2. India’s rich cultural heritage
3. The long struggle for independence
4. Gradual reforms prior to independence
5. The growing pains of the first Indian government
6. The constitution of Indian
7. Planned economy and 11 five year plans
8. Spectacular achievements since independence
9. Disillusionment of freedom fighters
10. Self-Introspection and New Direction