Firaq Gorakhpuri - Selected Poetry (URDU-ROMAN-ENGLISH)

Firaq Gorakhpuri - Selected Poetry (URDU-ROMAN-ENGLISH)

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Author: K C Kanda
Publisher: Sterling
Year: 2000/2010
Language: multilingual
Pages: 266
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120722422


This anthology contains a comprehensive sampling of Firaq's representative poetry, along with its English translation and transliteration in Romanised script.

Firaq Gorakhpuri (1896-1982) was one of the most eminent Urdu poets of the twentieth century. A poet of love and beauty, and a lyricst par excellence, he has left his imprint on the three important genres of Urdu poetry, Gahazal, Nazm. Firaq was a prolific writer who produced a rich crop of poetry, comprising more than 40,000 couplets. In all, this book contains 60 Ghazals, 7 Nazms, 23 Rubias, and a sprinkling of couplets and Qitas.

The poems in this anthology have been carefully selected, keeping in view the quality of their content and style, and their easy accessibility to the average reader. To reflect the spirit and style of the original, the author has attempted rhymed verse in his translations which are couched in simple, lucid and rhythmical language.

Each poem is first given in Urdu calligraphics. This is followed on the opposite page by its English translation, which, in turn, is succeeded by Romanised version.

The anthology contains a detailed Introduction discussing the salient features of the poet's art and thought. The second chapter The Bright and Dark of My Life gives English translations of the poet's autobiographical note in Urdu. The book also enumerates the important events in the poet's life, his publications and gives a resume of some critical comments on his poetry, making it a valuable addition to the wealth of translated Indian literature.