The Goose is Out

The Goose is Out

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Author: Osho
Publisher: Full Circle
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 233
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8176210188


From the book:

When I was a young man and never been kissed, I was in love with America's favorite pastime-baseball. The score was tied 8-8 when the game was called because of darkness, and I suddenly realized I was in deep trouble on the home front.

By the time I made it home, dinner was well over. My older sister Margie met me at the front screen door and said, "Dad wants to see you in his room right away." As I struggled to get past her she whispered in my ear, "Your goose is cooked."

And even though my virgin ears had never heard this expression before, I knew exactly what she meant. Older sisters are wicked Zen Masters.

Years later, long after my dream of playing shortstop for the Boston Red Sox had gone up in smoke, I fell in love with another Zen Master, Osho, who gave me the same message with a slightly different twist : "Your goose is out!"

You see, there is a beautiful Zen story about a goose that's put in a bottle when it is very young. It grows up in the bottle and eventually gets too big to take out. The koan which has been driving Zen monks crazy for the past several hundred years is : How do you get the goose out of the bottle without either killing the goose or breaking the bottle?

Now, since you are probably not a Zen monk, you may very well answer, "Who wants to get the stupid goose out of its bottle anyway?" Or "Hey, to hell with the bottle, let's put the goose in the freezer and eat it for Thanksgiving."

Okay, I can see where you're coming from, but permit me to suggest that you may not be grasping all the implications of this deeply significant koan.

You see, the goose symbolizes your conscious your free spirit, your ultimate reality, while the bottle represent your mind. In other words, this koan is saying mat your consciousness is trapped inside the mental structures of your mind, and if you ever want to experience the ultimate freedom of pure consciousness, pure meditation, pure liberation, then you need to find a better answer to the question than serving up roast goose for dinner.


…Osho has a no-mind to his comments, sudden bursts of insight, novel ways of putting together images so that you read in enchanted wonder. Any spiritual teacher who has such bad publicity must be saying some wonderfully terrible things. Tune in. - The Reader, USA

You have forgotten the language of your being. I have come to recognize it - I have remembered myself. And since the day I remembered myself I have been in a strange situation : I feel compassion for you, and deep down I also giggle at you, because you are not really in trouble. You don't need compassion, you need hammering, you need to be hit hard on the head. Your suffering is bogus. Ecstasy is your very nature. You are truth. You are love. You are bliss. You are freedom. - Osho

The fundamental of the Zen approach is that all is as it should be, nothing is missing. This very moment everything is perfect. The goal is not somewhere else, it is here, it is now. This very moment is the only reality. – Osho



1. The Goose is Out
2. Just See it
3. No Peaks, no Valleys
4. Transcendence Brings Buddhahood
5. Perfectly Imperfect
6. I Exalt the Ordinary
7. Only One Time : Now
8. The Dimension of the Mysterious
9. Rejoice to Abandon
10. Dissolved in My People