Gujarati Kitchen - Family Recipes for the Global Palate

Gujarati Kitchen - Family Recipes for the Global Palate

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Author: Bhanu Hajratwala
Photographer(s): Bhupendra Hajatwala
Publisher: Westland Books
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 161
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9789380658490


Gujarati food known for its exquisite taste is a secret among Indian foods waiting to be discovered. In Gujarati Kitchen: Family Recipes for the Global Palate, Bhanu Hajratwala brings that secret to life by revealing treasured family recipes. These authentic Gujarati dishes will fill the kitchen with an aroma to make the whole family wanting more and will make your home the favourite gathering place for all your family and friends.

Gujarati Kitchen is a comprehensive cookbook that will be cherished by both new and seasoned cooks. Every recipe has been tested and retested to offer convenient shortcuts, contemporary methods, and better nutrition without compromising original flavour. Line drawings offer clear and simple explanations for specialized techniques, while full colour photographs give ideas for presentation and pairings. After presenting several easy to make spice blends that can be used in multiple recipes, Gujarati Kitchen gives you step by step instructions for exotic starters like Paturi and Kheema Fataka and complex, savoury vegetarian and non-vegetarian entrees like Oondhiyu, Vaddhoo, and Tarande Saucende. Also included are all time Gujarati favourites such as Thepla and Khichadi, sweets such as Mohan Thaal; and chutneys, pickles, snacks, and drinks. Finally, no meal would be complete without the tantalizing Mukhwaas presented at the end.

With its comprehensive range of easy-to-follow recipes, color photos, and instructive line drawings, Bhanu Hajratwala’s Gujarati Kitchen is an indispensable guide to Gujarati cooking, in any part of the World.



General Tips

1. Cooking Times
2. Preparing and Washing Ingredients
3. Deep-Frying Technique
4. Sprouting

Equipment and Utensils

Basic Pantry

1. Spices, Herbs and Seasonings
2. Cooking Oils and Fats

Other Ingredients


1. Liquid Measures
2. Solid Measures
3. Oven Temperature Equivalents

Recipes for Spice Blends (Masalas)

1. Sookha Masala (Dry Spice Blends)
2. Leelo Masalo (Fresh Spice Blends)


1. Starters
2. Main Dishes
3. Breads
4. Rice
5. Accompaniments with Rice
6. Sweets (Mithai)
7. Chutneys and Relishes
8. Pickles
9. Favourite Teatime Snacks
10. Drinks
11. Mouth Fresheners (Mukhwaas)
12. Sample Menus