Ayurveda and Modern Medicine  -  Revised and Enlared Edition

Ayurveda and Modern Medicine - Revised and Enlared Edition

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Author: R D Lele
Foreword/Introduction: Raja Ramanna
Publisher: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 552
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172762526


"Ayurveda has been practised in this country from time immemorial and has stood the test of time. Dr. Lele has methodically gone through the ancient literature of Ayurveda and has taken pains to establish its links to modern medicine on scientific basis.

In fusing the concept of these two disciplines, he has brought out the relevance of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in medicine. After all, if the cure of Ayurveda is authentic it must fall in place with the medical sciences. No system can remain static and it must take into note the newer discoveries of science.

As Dr. Vasant Gowarikar has said in his foreword to the Marathi translation of this book published in 1993: "This book is not only for doctors and Vaidyas; it is for everyone who loves science and believes in the scientific method.

As Dr. Dayanand Dongaonkar, Vice Chancellor of the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences has said: "This book will certainly provide the stimulus for collaborative research between the various systems of medicine, so that the best among each of them can be brought to the benefit of the vast Indian population.


Preface to the Second Edition

1. Ayurveda Through Modern Eyes
2. The Scientific Method in Medicine
3. Scientific Evaluation of Therapy
4. Classification, Ancient & Modern
5. Mathematics in Medicine
6. Physics and Medicine
7. The Chemistry of Life
8. Human Genetics, Ancient and Modern
9. Nutrition, Ancient and Modern
10. Fever, Sepsis and Microbiology
11. Wisdom of the Body
12. Body and Mind
13. Understanding Mental Illness
14. Health-related Behaviour
15. Exploring the Herbarium
16. Pharmacology, Ancient and Modern
17. Toxicology, Ancient and Modern
18. Rejuvenation of the Elderly
19. Vajikarana or Virilification Therapy in Ayurveda
20. Hygiene and Public Health
21. Promotion of Positive Health and Prevention of Disease
22. Molecular Biology - A New interface between Ayurveda and Modern Science
23. Current Status of Molecular Genetics and Gene Therapy