Learn Hindu Astrology Easily

Learn Hindu Astrology Easily

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Author: K N Rao
Contributor(s)/Artiste(s): K Ashu Rao
Publisher: Vani Publications
Year: 2018
Language: English
Pages: 143
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818922106X


The essential purpose of writing this book is to show that in astrology there is a method, a technique and a scientific analysis which has to be learnt to be appreciated. It is after this only that each astrologer can work hard and develop his predictive style. This then is book on teaching a style along which one can proceed to evolve a predictive method.

This book has been written for three categories of persons. First, those who want to avoid the mathematical part of astrology either because they do not know the subject or feel that computers can do all this for them. The second category is of those who have read many books on astrology and developed an incurable astrological constipation. To the third category belong some elitist groups like engineers who are used to a method and system of analysis of a subject.


About the Author
The Scheme of Enlarging the Book
The Purpose of Writing this Book

Section One

1. The First Lesson
2. Model Exercise

Section Two

3. The Second Lesson
4. Your Lagna
5. Your Moon Sign
6. Aspects

Section Three

7. Learing Some Basics of Predictive Principles
8. Persons whom these Planets Represent in Daily Life
9. The Spirituality Associated with Houses
10. What is to be seen from which house?
11. Useful Information About Rashis
12. D (Dhan Yoga)
13. Illustrations
14. A (Arishta or Malefic Influences)
15. R (Rajayogas)
16. E (Exchange of the Lords of House)
17. S (Special Features)
18. The Consolidated check-list
19. The Moon and your Psychology
20. Why the Moon?
21. Broad Understanding
22. Your Psychology and Your Moon
23. Significations of Planets & Rashis Based on Uttar Kalamrita
24. Index
25. Books by Vani Publications