Fragrant Memories

Fragrant Memories

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Author: Indira Devi
Publisher: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Year: 1993
Language: English
Pages: 150
ISBN/UPC (if available): NA



The purpose of writing this book is not to praise Dadaji, neither is there any illusion that this little book will add glory to him. It is just an attempt to share some precious moments with others who love Dadaji and are interested in his way of dealing with a difficult disciple and helping in the evolution of a seeker.

Not through sermons, verbal advise and outer discipline but by example. Even more than this there is a hope and a prayer that once again I will not give importance to my personal likes and dislikes about the matter.



1. The Hour Before the Dawn
2. Was it Destiny?
3. Miracles do Still Happen
4. Work is Worship
5. Guru and Disciple
6. Who is Sri Ramakrishana?
7. 'Tested and Found Wanting'
8. Akashbritti
9. Earth's Ties of Love
10. The Contagion of Love
11. Dada's Regard for Truth
12. Religion and Dharma
13. One of a Hundred World Celebrities
14. Dadaji-My Youngest Child
15. Resistance of Ignorance
16. Art for the Divine's Sake
17. The Object of Life
18. More Perseverance is Necessary
19. Love does not Count the Cost
20. 'Faith' is the Light Before the Sunrise
21. Grief but no Grievance
22. Tantric Sadhu's Prediction
23. The Sun Set At 3.40 p.m
24. Dadaji - A Remembrance
25. A Homage to Dadaji