Pilgrims of the Stars - Autobiography of Two Yogis

Pilgrims of the Stars - Autobiography of Two Yogis

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Author: Dilip Kumar Roy
Indira Devi/
Foreword/Introduction: Frederic Spielberg
Publisher: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 402
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172762763


Pilgrims of the Stars is an autobiographical account of the inner journey of two remarkable contemporary Indian yogis- Dilip Kumar Roy, a renowned musician, philosopher, and scholar, and his disciple Indira Devi, a visionary poetess and dancer.

A spiritual classic, Pilgrims of the Stars offers the reader an inspiring and humorous glimpse into the daily struggles and victories of two great souls. Dilip Kumar Roy describes his spiritual training by his Guru, the Indian statesman and saint Sri Aurobindo, and his meetings with Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Ramana Maharshi, and other spiritual luminaries. Indira Devi's candid memoirs of life and her Guru have a special beauty and simplicity, and contain a wealth of practical advice for spiritual aspirants.

This book has been translated in several world languages such as German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Gujarati, Tamil etc, and widely read by seekers of truth the world over. The English edition had become had become out of print. This autobiography of the twin divine minstrels lucidly depicts the early and middle years of their lives covering the period following Sri Aurobindo’s passing away and the author’s establishing their own Temple home in Pune, viz, Hari Krishna Mandir.

Here is an authentic account


"... As remarkable as it is rewarding for the reader."
--- East West Journal


A Spiritual Classic
Foreword/Dr. Frederic Spiegel-berg
Introduction/Dilip Kumar Roy
Introduction/Indira Devi

Part I: BY Dilip Kumar ROY:
1. Apologia
2. My Father
3. My Early Life
4. Prayers
5. College Days
6. Swami Brahmananda, Netaji, Rolland
7. The Continent
8. Rabindranath Tagore
9. Mahatma Gandhi
10. Krishnaprem
11. My First Meeting with Sri Aurobindo
12. Madame Calve and Paul Richard
13. Conflicts and Resolutions
14. At the Guru's Feet
15. Ramana Maharshi
16. Yogic Experiences
17. Sri Aurobindo, the Seer-Poet

18. Jai Guru
19. Early Signs
20. Awakening
21. Dreams and Voices
22. Indira Meets Her Master
23. Three Yogic Feats
24. High Stakes
25. The Second Visit
26. Black Magic
27. In Earnest
28. Other Worlds
29. Knowledge by Identity
30. The Advent of Mira
31. Grace
32. Meditation
33. Gurus and Disciples
34. Ashram Life

35. Papa Ramdas
36. Miracles
37. Reality of Mira, the Miracle
38. The Lights Lit

Epilogue – Mira’s Message
Appendix A – Biographical Notes
Appendix B – Mira’s Songs by Gopinath Kaviraj
Appendix C – From Indira’s Diary